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Date: February, 1986 (revised)



 To set forth policy with regard to the reporting of accrued and discharged compensatory time and to establish a consistent policy.


 Non-classified staff (except executive pay plan, non-union employees).


 1. It is the responsibility of the employee and the Dean, Director or Department head to familiarize themselves with said policy.

2. It is the responsibility of the Dean, Vice President/Provost or designee to authorize such compensatory time prior to the work being performed.

3. It is the responsibility of the Dean, Vice President/Provost or designee to ensure that compensatory time is expended within time limits.

4. It is the responsibility of the employee and Dean, or Vice President/Provost to certify compensatory time which must be recorded on the employee’s bi-weekly timecard.


 1. Compensatory time credits will be recognized only for required work conducted beyond the regular full work day with prior authorization by the Dean or Vice President/Provost.

2. The employee shall be compensated at the rate of one (1) hour for each hour earned (1:1). Compensatory time must be discharged as time off within the three (3) month period of its accrual.

3. However, if denied the opportunity to expend said compensatory time within the three (3) month period, and in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining contract, the employee shall refer the matter to the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Administration, who shall either order payment of compensatory time which has accrued within the previous three (3) month period or prescribe a schedule by which such time shall be expended or a combination of both.

4. When retirement, resignation, or death occurs, non-classified staff or their estates shall be entitled to receive full pay for documented unexpected compensatory time as of the employee’s date of termination (this time can only be accrued in the previous 30 days).

5. The above said policy does not include sea pay.


Reporting of compensatory time accruals and discharges will be done on the employee’s bi-weekly timecard, certified by the employee and his/her supervisor.

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