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Oxygen generating biomaterials to attenuate UV-induced skin cell damage

Investigator: Yingsheng Wan, Providence College

Scientific Theme: Cancer

Abstract: Our previous studies have demonstrated that ultraviolet radiation (UV) induces skin cell damage leading to skin photo-aging and skin cancer. While the cellular and molecular mechanisms are still to be fully elucidated, the leading causes of skin photo-aging and cancer are the accumulation of reactive oxygen species and the formation of hypoxic environment upon UV radiation. Reports have shown that in situ oxygen supplementation from hydrolytically active solid peroxide such as calcium peroxide encapsulated in biomaterials protects against hypoxia-induced cell death. We hypothesize that oxygen supplement may help attenuate UV radiation-induced skin cell damage and may eventually prevent from UV-induced skin aging and skin cancer. The specific aims of this proposed study are to develop a disk, with hydrolytically activated oxygen-generating biomaterial in the form of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-encapsulated calcium peroxide, or PDMS-CaO2; and to test those disks in cultured human skin cells with or without exposure to UV irradiation. It is envisioned that at the completion of this project, a proof of concept will be provided for further development of a new generation of cosmetics facial masks. This project will be performed at Providence College during summer of 2017 with three undergraduate students who are currently working in our laboratories.

Human Health Relevance: This proposed project integrates material science into biomedical research. Specifically, the results from this project will be applied for the development of new generation of cosmetics facial masks. This is related to human skin care and human health in general.

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