International Engineering Program (IEP)

Program Overview

The University of Rhode Island International Engineering Program (IEP) offers an unparalleled experience for students looking to become truly global engineers. IEP graduates earn two degrees simultaneously: a B.S. in an engineering discipline and a B.A. in Chinese, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.  Visit the IEP website to learn more about the IEP.

As IEP students approach the IEP Fourth Year Abroad, they will work closely with the appropriate IEP Director/Coordinator and a global education advisor in the Office of International Education (OIE).  Review the Professional Global Skills Manual to inform yourself about URI’s guidelines regarding internships abroad.


URI Study Abroad Policy

The URI policy #82-10 governs the admission of Undergraduate URI students into exchange and study abroad programs (both international and domestic) and establishes the minimum QPA admission requirement to participate in a URI program as 2.5.

The selection of incoming and outgoing students for national and international exchange programs, study abroad, and international internships, is the responsibility of the Office of International Education, in consultation with faculty, deans and department chairs (when relevant). Selection is based on the following criteria:

• QPA (minimum of 2.5)
• Language proficiency (3.0 in language courses when applicable)
• Recommendation of URI academic advisor, dean, and/or professor
• Completion of URIAbroad application

OIE/IEP General Guidelines

    1. Obtain admission at an IEP partner institution.
    2. Secure an internship placement.
    3. Prepare for their time abroad.

    IEP Director / Coordinator contact information

    1. Become familiar with the URI policies concerning Study Abroad, Health Insurance, Credit Transfer, Billing / Payment, e-Campus Enrollment, Applicable Financial Aid, and Catastrophic Insurance Coverage
    2. Complete an application with the University of Rhode Island – through URIAbroad – and upload all required forms prior to established deadline
  • Step-by-step instructions of the overall study abroad process

    Documents submitted through URIAbroad will be used to:

    • Track students’ study abroad dates, location, and completion of program for the purpose of transferring credit or reporting URI credit.
    • Serve as certification that the student is participating in a URI sanctioned abroad program.
    • Certify a student’s eligibility for review of their financial aid package.
    • Provide evidence of catastrophic insurance coverage while abroad.
  • The Office of International Education offers special IEP meetings each year to outline the overall requirements / application process mandated by the University of Rhode Island for any student participating in an Off-Campus-Study program. Please coordinate with your IEP Coordinator for the next scheduled IEP Group Information Session.  

    To address these questions and concerns, the OIE staff will host drop-in information sessions to answer questions and assist with paperwork. 

    Students requiring one-to-one advising sessions to address questions and concerns that may not be comfortably addressed in a group setting are welcome to schedule an individual appointment through their URIAbroad accounts. 

  • IEP Related Costs That Appear on the URI e-Campus Bill

    All Fees are Subject to Change

    Semester of Exchange (OCS 999)

    Tuition and FeesURI Resident Tuition and Fees
    URI OCS Fee$530
    URI OIE Admin Fee$350
    URI Health Insurance*$2,033

    *May be waived with proof of comparable insurance and completion of waiver.

    Semester of Internship*** (OCS 998)

    URI OCS Fee$530
    URI OIE Admin Fee$350
    URI Health Insurance*$2,033

    *May be waived with proof of comparable insurance and completion of waiver.
    **Students enrolling in URI courses, other than the 6 credits of language courses (e.g., GER 315/316, FRN 315/316, SPA 316/317, ITL 315/316, CHN 315/316) will be billed for URI tuition on a per credit basis.

    Summer Internship Extension* (OCS 997)

    URI OCS Feen/a
    URI Admin Feen/a

    * IEP students participating on an internship that extends beyond the URI spring semester will be enrolled in OCS 997 during the appropriate summer months in order to maintain student standing for the duration of their overseas experience. While the status is directly linked to the overseas activity, it does not exempt students from paying for other URI academic credits and services (i.e. URI summer web classes, Independent Study, etc.) not directly related to the [IEP] internship.

    Additional Expenses:  CISI Insurance. Go to URI’s Risk Management page for rates.

    For estimates related to airfare, ground transportation, passports and visas, host country insurance (if applicable), books and supplies, personal expenses, etc. refer to the appropriate IEP Student Resources page or IEP Program Coordinator.

  • Although participants are not physically on the URI campus, they should monitor their URI e-mail and e-Campus account on a regular basis and address billing, FAFSA, holds, etc. in a timely manner.

    In the event of changes to the intended plan of study, program cancellation, reduction in course load, program relocation or other, students must notify their respective IEP Coordinator and the Office of International Education.

For Additional Information Contact:

The Office of International Education
University of Rhode Island
37 Lower College Road
Kingston, RI 02881
Tel: (401) 874-2395

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