Program selection and obtaining approval for a proposed study abroad experience (international or national; short- or long-term) are essential steps requiring attention when deciding to study away. How much information is needed will depend on the nature of the program (direct exchange, earning URI credit while abroad, faculty led programs, international internship, National Student Exchange, affiliated and/or non-affiliated program). To aid in your search and decision, the Office of International Education recommend that you begin the process by reading the information included in the links below:

URI Direct Exchanges

directexchangeURI Exchange Programs allow URI students (non-RI residents included) to pay in-state tuition for a semester/year at one of our international partner universities, based on an existing exchange partnership. International housing and fees vary. Space is limited. Program locations: Chile (IEP only), China, France, Germany, Italy (IEP only), Japan, Korea, Mexico (IEP only), Norway, Spain (IEP only), United Kingdom.

Earn URI Credit Abroad

The Unurisemesterlogoiversity of Rhode Island offers two-semester study abroad programs, Bermuda and Cuba, where students earn URI credit.  Students are permitted to pay instate tuition (non-RI residents included) during the semester abroad.

Faculty Led Programs

facledFLP’s are open to URI and non-URI students, degree and non degree students including teachers, parents, and other professionals.  FLP’s offer the opportunity to participate in multiple URI Faculty-Led Programs during spring, summer and/or winter breaks, allowing students to earn credits toward their URI or other university degree.

International Internships

internationalDepending on the internship sponsor (URI or an internship provider), students may earn URI credit or transfer credit while abroad.  When earning URI internship credit, students may choose from existing options or propose other options.  All require approval from the Office of International Education.

National Student Exchange

directexchangeNSE provides opportunities to attend one of 175  NSE participating universities within the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Students may choose to study for one semester or the academic year away while staying on track on their URI degree requirements.  Student pay instate tuition during the period of exchange.


affilatedStudy abroad programs organized by study abroad providers provide opportunities to develop global skills while pursuing life-changing experiences, acquiring hands-on knowledge in their fields of interest (e.g., business, politics, environmental studies, peace studies, etc.).  Students can choose from over 200+ destinations.  Fees vary.

Other International Programs

Other Study Abroad Programs

URI students may seek other programs not found in the URI’s list.  URI students are not stopped from participating in these programs.  Before accessing these programs, students must confirm the quality of the academic work and that the program will generate necessary documentation for URI to accept the transfer credit earned abroad.

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