1998 – Current Pest Report – Visual Observations

Tree Stage:
3/28/98 – green tip
4/1/98 – half inch green
4/14/98 – tight cluster
4/21/98 – open cluster
4/29/98 – early bloom
5/4/98 – nearly petal fall

First rose leafhopper nymph observed
First apple blotch leafminer parasite emerged from mine
In one orchard – 68% of apple blotch leafminer mines were parasitized!!!!

Second generation apple blotch leafminer moths emerging from pupal cases in mines.
Fresh plum curculio found in trees not sprayed since 5/14 and in trees in southern, coastal RI (generally 2-4 days behind northern RI) sprayed 5/26. Other orchards were free of new plum curculio that had been sprayed with insecticide 5/24.
-Rosy apple aphids starting migration to summer host.
-White apple leafhoppers primarily adults now. Still see some large nymphs

First apple blotch leafminer braconid parasite found this year – Apantales ornigis

Green pug moth 
found in one orchard – new pest for Rhode Island. Found larvae feeding on blossom on May 5th.
Two spotted mites building
First white apple leafhopper adult found
First apple blotch leafminer seen
First syrphid fly egg seen

Apple blotch leafminer beginning to pupate in mines
Apple blotch leafminer parasites – see small hole in underside of mine (oviposition hole) and see the eulophid larvae, Sympiesis marylandiensis
Green apple aphid colonies appearing

See bronzing from European red mites

Apple blotch leafminer tissue feeding stage mine! (Visible from upper leaf surface)

European red mite eggs
Lots of plum curculio scars on ‘Liberty’ fruit. Looked 3 or 4 days old.
First Amblyseius fallacis seen
First Z. mali egg found – mite predator

First plum curculio egg laying scars. Looked about a week old.
European red mite adults – no eggs yet.

Unknown caterpillar eating centers out of flowers. Collected small green larvae and they pupated within a week.

Apple scab lesions found in sprayed orchard
 (4th or 5th leaf). Found scab on McIntosh, Macoun, & Red Delicious.
T. pyri mite predator found on leaves on T. pyri release tree
First white apple leafhopper nymph found
First gypsy moth caterpillars found
Apple scab infection period
First apple blotch leafminer mine

Z. mali found in 4 out of 9 orchards

First Z. mali mite predator seen on apple leaves

Apple scab infection period

First European apple sawfly caught on white sticky trap

European red mite egg hatch!!! Saw quite a few!!!!

Apple scab infection period in southern RI

Syrphid fly larva

Apple scab infection period

First rosy apple aphid seen
First apple bloch leafminer egg found
See tarnished plantbug on bud – first one I’d seen
Apple blotch leafminer trap captures above threshold in 2 out of 4 orchards
First two spotted mite – on a leaf but still the color of an overwintering TSM (orangey)

First pear thrips seen – nearly one pear thrips per flower cluster

Apple scab infection period. 4/8/98 – 4/10/98. Two wetting periods added up to 36 hours of leaf wetness at an average temperature of 41 degrees.

First apple blotch leafminer seen
First syrphid fly egg seen