Our point-to-point or point-to-multipoint videoconference facility may be reserved for course or meeting videoconferences during the normal work day, around the existing class schedule.

Planning, equipment needs assessment, testing with the far-end site, faculty/leader orientation, and coordination of support must be arranged well in advance of the event(s). Charges apply for non-course videoconferences.

Where is Chafee 141?

Check the Chafee 141 Calendar.

Please submit this online form to schedule a semester-long videoconference class or one-time meeting.

To reserve this room, contact Classroom Media Assistance through this form: Reserving Kingston Facilities.

Chafee 141 Equipment:
Polycom ViewStation with 2 robotic cameras, and remote control
Document Camera
2 EPSON LCD projectors

Additional information about using Chafee 141.

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