About the Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC)

DPRC Supervisor: Roy Bergstrom

The Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC) is the request-based production/content development facility where Student Technology Assistants (STA) work on approved faculty projects. It is a robust and comprehensive production center designed to meet the need for creation of digital instructional materials for the classroom. The facility allows educators and researchers to produce professional quality digital materials that can be made available to students through a variety of media and web-based teaching tools.

The Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC) has two components. The stationary facility, located on URI’s Kingston campus, contains three high-end computer workstations that serve as the core of the professional digital production suites. The mobile unit goes well beyond the URI campus by allowing faculty, researchers, and their student assistants the ability to collect, review, edit, archive, transmit, and receive data while working in the field. It includes a high-end computer laptop that serves as a state of the art, broadcast quality, digital video editing and production suite.

Both the stationary and the mobile units contain digital video cameras, lighting kits, audio recording/mixing, 3D animation, Flash animation, and web site design capability.

The stationary DPRC is a secured facility inside the Chafee 217 suite.

Training and assistance are available through MTS staff and MTS’s Student Technology Assistant (STA) program. The STA program teams up technology-savvy undergraduate students with faculty who want to include technology in their teaching. The STA program has proven to be an exceptionally successful model of teamwork, producing high-quality digital instructional materials.


People Working at a ComputerThe Digital Production Resource Center fosters collaborative teaching environments and builds learning communities. It helps promote Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Experiential Learning opportunities.

The Digital Production Resource Center serves as a resource to URI faculty, researchers, and their team of Student Technology Assistants. It provides many of the resources necessary to produce and deliver a wide range of professional, broadcast-quality multimedia instructional materials for the classroom and the Web.

In addition to the acquisition and creation of new digital material, URI faculty and researchers possess a tremendous amount of non-digital archived materials. Even at top-level research institutions such as URI, these materials often never get incorporated into the educational landscape. The Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC) provides the technical resources required to incorporate the non-digital material into a digital production environment. Once converted, this unique and important archived information will become part of students’ educational experiences.


Person Working at ComputerThe Digital Production Resource Center supports a paradigm shift at URI from analog learning to newly created, digital learning. With the addition of new stationary technology and the mobile Web technology, the DPRC has a global reach. The DPRC supports a comprehensive, long-term solution to meet the creation of digital classroom instructional materials. The DPRC is designed to build upon MTS’s existing digital production infrastructure, thereby reinforcing and expanding existing digital production capabilities. The facility allows educators and researchers to produce professional quality digital materials with the assistance of our skilled team. These educational materials can be made available to students through web-based teaching tools, online classes, or other avenues of delivery.

The creation of broadcast quality digital instructional materials enables URI to foster and expand learning communities, increasing the ability to collaborate with faculty, students and researchers throughout the world. Such collaborations serve to enhance URI students’ experiential learning. The possibilities are endless for educators and students. The DPRC further ensures that the University of Rhode Island remains a competitive center for learning and research. Faculty teaching capabilities are enhanced and students benefit by access to up to date media-rich instructional materials.


2D and 3D animation Cisplatin Example
Web page design and development Mt. Vesuvius Virtual Fieldtrip
Pre-production planning for STA Projects Example
Video Production & On-location audio/video productions & Full post-production services for audio/video elements of a STA Project How nitrogen cycling in marshes relates to climate change.Create three 3-5 minute videos for the classroom regarding nitrogen cycling in marshes & how it relates to climate change. For a 2015 STA Project for Dr. Jason Kolbe in Biological Sciences.
Digital Media Delivery via Mediasite MyMediaSite Training Video. Demonstration screencast of how to get started using URI’s MediaSite video management platform.

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