IT Review

The IT Review concluded in March, 2016 with the publication of the IT Assessment report (see below).

The Strategic Plan project was moved to the IT Strategic Governance Committee (ITGov). 

For more information on ITGov, go to


As a result of the Administration and Management Review Committee report,  President Dooley, Provost DeHayes and Vice President Valentino chartered the IT Review project to implement some of the key recommendations of the IT Sub-Committee report.  In the summer of 2014, an IT Review Steering Committee was named and charged (see links to the left for more information).

The Steering Committee, with its charge,  constructed the Review in three major projects:

1)  IT Governance – Completed

NOTE – For information on the new IT Strategic Governance Committee (ITgov), go to

  • Timeline for the Development of Governance – January 2015 through April 2015.
  • Timeline and specifics for the implementation of the Governance structure will be announced after April.
  • Goals of this project are:
    • Design a Governance structure with engages appropriate stakeholders of the University in a transparent and collaborative decision making process for IT services in all areas of the University.
    • Reflect the strategic direction of both the University and information technology at URI.

2) IT Organizational Review – Completed

  • In September 2015, the University engaged BerryDunn, a Management and IT consulting company for this project as well as the IT Strategic Plan project listed below.
  • Goals of this project are:
    • To conduct an independent assessment of the University’s Information Technology investments and services across all departments, including both central and de-centralized (distributed) technology services.
    • This includes making recommendations for improving IT services at URI and suggested plans or guidelines for implementation of those recommendations.
  • This project kicked off in late September 2015 and is completed with the release of the IT Assessment Report on March 7, 2016.



3) IT Strategic Plan – March 2016 through December 2016

  • Also part of the BerryDunn engagement,  the project begins in March 2016, coordinated to start after the Organizational Review is completed.
    • The project was turned over to the IT Strategic Governance Committee (ITGov).  For more information, go to
    • Watch for publication of the IT Strategic Plan late in 2016.
  • Goals of this project are:
    • To have a collaborative process with University leadership and stakeholders to develop a University-wide five-year IT Strategic Plan that incorporates the recommendations resulting from the assessment.
      • This includes ensuring the plan incorporates, supports and contributes to the University’s missions, academic and strategic plans, and goals.
  • Timelines and events of the IT Strategic Plan Project
    • March 2016
    • Late March through May 2016
      • Conduct Work Sessions to write the first draft of the report
    • June through September May 2016
      • BerryDunn team, Senior Administration and ITGov work on  drafts of IT Strategic Plan in preparation for campus review period.
    • October 2016
      • Campus Review and feedback of Strategic Plan.
    • November/December 2016
      • IT Strategic Plan publication
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