Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  Find quick answers to many of the questions you have concerning our technology tools for learning.  Please review the answers and tutorials provided here before scheduling a consultation with one of our media specialists.

Sakai FAQ

  • URI’s department of Advanced Teaching and Learning offers an online, self-paced introductory Sakai course that will familiarize you with the tools in Sakai and walk you through the basic steps that will help you build and manage your Sakai course.  Taking this simple course should be your first step to Sakai success.  Even if you think you may know all the functionality of the platform, it’s always smart to get reacquainted in case you may be missing a new tool.

    Sign up for the Sakai Basic course here.

  • Sakai is a “self-service” system in terms of the course worksite setup. You can create your own course site(s) as follows:

      • Select “Sites” from the top right corner next to your profile.
      • Select ‘Create New Site”.
      • Select “Course Site” and click “Continue”
      • Select the academic term for the course (e.g. Fall 2017)
          [NOTE:] Instructors making new Sakai course sites for are typically presented with four available terms. Terms with “OL” in the name are to be used for courses in the online accelerated programs, which include RN to BS and the Masters in Dietetics. The other choice (with only the semester and year) can be used for all other standard course rosters.
      • If you are having trouble finding the roster that you know you own, please check to be sure you are selecting the correct term and that you are listed as the instructor of record in e-Campus.
      • Check the box next to the course title that you wish to use Sakai, one title at a time to create one site with one roster. Or, check multiple course titles at this stage if you wish to combine multiple rosters into one site.
      • Continue with the screen prompts. One of the prompts asks if you wish to re-use (copy) the materials from other sites you own. If you wish to reuse content from a another Sakai course Select ‘yes’ and select your ‘old’ course site.  Make sure that your new course sites have the same tool picked as the old course site.
      • You will see the class roster at the bottom screen of the Site Info tool in your Sakai course. Rosters are scheduled to be synced with e-Campus data four times per day.
  • Sakai receives new term roster information from e-Campus on the following schedule:

    • FALL & FALL OL: Second week of May
    • J-TERM (WINTER): Second week of October
    • SPRING & SPRING OL: Second week of November
    • SUMMER & SUMMER OL: Second week of March
  • Sakai copies your course titles from the URI Course Schedule.  Contact the Enrollment Services to update the teaching assignment in Course Schedule for you.

  • Site Info -> Import from Site -> “I would like to merge my data” -> Choose the course you’d like to copy the Resources from -> check off the Resources tool -> Click Finish.

  • There are two ways to hide your site from student view.

    1. Un-publish the whole site – Click “Site Info”, select “Manage Access”, uncheck ‘Publish’ to un-publish the site.  When you wish to release the contents, click the check the checkbox to publish the site.
    2. Hide individual tool – Click “Site Info”, select “Tool Order”, click the light bulb next to the tool that you want to hide, click ‘Update’.  The light bulb is a toggle for you to hide or display the tool. {NOTE} you may also move your tool order around here as well by simply clicking and dragging tools to where you would like them to appear in the tool bar. 
    • Check to see if there is a rectangle with the word “Un-Published” in it on the upper left corner of your site?  If yes, you can publish your site by going to “Site Info”  ==> Manage Access ==> and clicking the checkbox next to “Publish Site”.
    • Check to see if all of your registered students are listed at the bottom of the “Site Info” page. There is an approximate 12-hour roster sync window for roster changes in e-Campus to carry over to Sakai. If there is a discrepancy between an e-Campus roster and the roster in a Sakai course for longer than 24 hours, please contact the for support.
  • Go to “Site Info”, select “Edit Class Rosters”. From there, faculty can remove or add OWN roster(s).

  • To Create Student Extended Time Group

    1. click the Site Info tool on the left
    2. click the “Manage Groups” button along the top
    3. click the “Create New Group” button at the top
    4. give the new student group a Title (e.g., “Ext.Time”)
    5. select the student(s) who required extended time from the “Site Member List” and click the “>” arrow to move the student(s) into the “Group Member List”
    6. When “Group Member List” includes all students required extended time, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the page

    Create new version of quiz

    NOTE: You should have the main version of the quiz published, with questions and settings complete. You will duplicate this quiz and change some settings for the students who need extended time.

    1. click the Tests & Quizzes tool on the left
    2. under “Working Copies” tab, find the quiz to copy, then from the “Select Action” drop-down menu, choose “Duplicate”
    3. on confirmation page, click “Duplicate” button
    4. find the new quiz (generally the original quiz name plus ‘copy #1’) and from the “Select Action” drop-down menu, choose “Settings”
    5. In most cases, you will need to change FOUR settings
      1. under “Assessment Introduction,” change title to +ext.time (e.g., “Quiz 1 +ext.time”)
      2. under “Assessment Released To,” choose “Selected groups” and check the student group you created above (e.g., “Ext.Time”)
      3. under “Timed Assessment,” change the time to the appropriate extended time (e.g., if accommodation is 150% time, change ’20 minutes’ to ’30 minutes’ or ‘one hour 30 minutes’ to ‘two hours 15 minutes’)
      4. under “Grading,” change ‘Grades sent to Gradebook’ to ‘None’
      5. click button “Save Settings & Publish”


    1. Only the student(s) in the new group can see this new quiz. They can also see the original quiz, so you must inform the students who require accommodations something like this: “To give you the extra time you require for our online quizzes in Sakai, I will publish quizzes with the suffix “ext.time” for you. Only students requiring additional time will see these quizzes. Please take this quiz, which is set to allow minutes, instead of the original quiz, which is set for minutes. Note that the quiz must still be completed before
    2. Grading. For the Gradebook to calculate properly, it must see all the students grades attached to the ORIGINAL quiz. After the quizzes are graded, you should transcribe the “ext.time” students’ scores to the original quiz. To do this, record the students’ scores from the “ext.time” quiz (from Published Copies tab, choose “Scores” from Select Action menu). Next, also from the Published Copies tab, choose “Scores” for the ORIGINAL quiz. Find the student(s) from the ‘ext.time’ group and record their scores in the ‘adjustment’ box; click Update.

    download user guide Sakai – Tests and Quizzes – Extended Time

  • To create a Project site and not an actual “course” site follow these steps….

  • In the course site Select Forums on the toolbar. Click on the Watch tab then select your email notification preferences.  By default you are sent notifications of the posts that you have contributed to (click”no notifications” if you want to shut this function off completely).  forums toolselect watchwatch forums options

  • In short terms, the TA Plus role has the same permissions as the instructor role with the exception of deleting materials.

    Sakai Role descriptions (these roles can be modified through “Permissions” of each individual tool

    Instructor:   Can read, revise, delete and add both content and participants to a site.

    Student:       Can read content, and add content to a site where appropriate.

    TA Plus:       Can read, revise, delete and add both content and participants to a site.

    TA:                Can read, add, and revise most content in their sections.

  • tool visibility graphic Site Info___Tool Order____Click on Settings (gear icon)___Change visibility for students

  • Creating Groups

    Go to Site Info.

    Select the Site Info tool in the Tool Menu of your site.

    Click on Manage Groups.

    Click on Manage Groups.

    Click on the Manage Groups button.

    Manually create a group.

    Click the Create New Group button. Enter information about the group.

    Enter group information.
    1. Enter a title for the group.
    2. In the Site Member List, click on a site participant/s in the membership list to select the user/s.
    3. Click on the right arrow button > to move the selected participant/s over to the Group Member List area.
    4. Once you have indicated all of the desired group members, click on the Add button to create the group
  • Creating Forums for Groups

    To create a forum that is private to a single group:

    1. If you don’t already have groups in your course site, create groups (Site Info>Manage Groups>Add Groups). If you want to set up a forum for a specific section of your course and that roster is already in the Sakai site, you can skip this step.
    2. Go to Forums and click ‘New Forum‘.
    3. Create your first group forum.
    4. While creating the forum, scroll down and look for ‘Permissions’. You should see a drop-down menu to choose the site role. One of your options is to select a single group from the ones you added. Choose one and the permissions available will change. To keep things simple, you might want to choose Author under ‘gets this permission level‘. You’ll see the check boxes change below that. So in essence, you’re saying ‘I want Group 1 to be able to write and edit and read posts in the Group 1 forum’. Now change that drop-down to Student and set the permissions to ‘None‘. This means that students outside of Group 1 will not be able to see the forum.
    5. Repeat the process for Group 2, Group 3, and so on.

    If you want group forums to be visible to every student in your class, but you only want students within the designated group to be able to add posts or respond to posts:

    1. If you don’t already have groups in your course site, create groups (Site Info>Manage Groups>Add Groups).
    2. Go to Forums and click ‘New Forum‘.
    3. Create your first group forum.
    4. While creating the forum, scroll down and look for ‘Permissions‘. You should see a drop-down menu to choose the site role. One of your options is to select a single group from the ones you added. Choose one and the permissions available will change. To keep things simple, you might want to choose ‘Author’ under ‘gets this permission level‘. You’ll see the check boxes change below that. So in essence, you’re saying ‘I want Group 1 to be able to write and edit and read posts in the Group 1 forum’. Now change that drop-down to ‘Student’ and make it ‘Reviewer‘ – which means students (beyond Group 1) will only be able to read this forum.
    5. Repeat the process for Group 2, Group 3, and so on.

    Group Forums

    One other note: Topics (sub-discussions within a Forum) inherit the Forum’s settings. So be sure to change your Topic’s settings if you want something different. However, if you modify forum permission settings after topics have been created, you must change the topic permission settings separately.

    Group submissions in Assignments

    Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

    In the Assignment tool, you can design an assessment to be submitted by a single student to submit the assignment on behalf of the entire group. The instructor can provide a grade for all students in the group at once, and can override the group grade for specific students within the group.

    Here’s how:  Create a new Assignment and fill out the basic Assignment information.  Under Additional Assignment Options, check the box next to ‘Are submissions for a group?’ under Access. NOTE: If the assignment already has non-group submissions, you cannot select this option. In this case, create a new assignment.

    Note: if you have TAs in your course, please refer to this FAQ to allow them to use the group assignment function.


    You can choose to display the assignment to the entire course (the assignment will still work for groups or teams) or choose to display to only the selected groups.  NOTE: though it’s unlikely you would want to allow one student to submit an assignment on behalf of an entire section, there may be cases where sections are small enough to basically be ‘groups’. You can use this tool with sections, but you cannot provide a group assignment to groups that might include the same student. In other words, if you want to provide a group assignment to sections, do not also select custom groups/teams or the lecture itself – since those might include the same students.

    After you’ve deployed the assignment, make sure your students know that ONLY ONE STUDENT needs to submit work on behalf of the group.

    When a student submits the assignment on behalf of the team/group, the student will see the name of the group they’re representing as well as the names of their group/team members.

    After the student submits, instructors can grade the assignment just as they would a regular single-student assignment, however – since this is a group assignment, the grade the instructor assigns will be given to all the students in the group. Instructors can also choose to override grades for individual students if necessary.

    c. 2017 Resource compliments of Duke University

  • Edit Published Assessments

    You can now edit a published assessment without having to retract it and start all over.  If students have already submitted their tests, then your changes will go back and re-grade their assessment and update their score.  Furthermore, if students are in the progress of taking the assessment then they will be able to continue taking the test without interruptions and any modifications will be applied once they submit their assessment answers.

    Edit a published assessment

    1.  Go to Tests & Quizzes.
    2.  Select the Published Copies: released to students tab, located above the table displaying your Test/Quiz titles.
    3.  From the –Select Action– drop down menu click on Edit.

    Screenshot of assessment actions menu options.

    4.  On the Edit Assessment Confirmation page click Edit again.
    5.  Click Edit next to the question or part that you want to modify.

    6.  Modify the question or part and click Save.
    7.  Click on Republish or Regrade and Republish at the bottom of the page.
    NOTE: If you are making changes to points or answers, be sure to select Regrade and Republish.
    8.  You have the option to modify the settings or cancel any changes.
    9.  Click Republish to make it available to students and auto correct any previously submitted scores.

    —c. 2015 compliments of UNC at Chapel Hill

  • How do I export grades to eCampus?

    Please find extensive guides for exporting grades on our Gradebook Exporting page.

  • How to Assign Roles in your Courses:
    assign roles in your courseGo to Site Info___locate user name____click drop down arrow to the right___and change accordingly.

  • How do I customize tabs to display the course sites I am currently active in?

    Set up Site Favorites in Sakai

  • Export an Assessment File:
    1. Go to Tests and Quizzes (in the site your grabbing the assessment from)

    2. Choose the “Select Action” drop down next to the item you’d like to export.

    3. Select “Export”

    4. Choose the QTI v 1.2 option and select “Export”.

    Import an Assessment File:

    1. Go to Tests and Quizzes (in the site your uploading the assessment to)

    2. Select “Import” next to the large gray box in the upper right hand side of the screen labeled “Import from File”

    3. Select “Choose File” button to upload the file you just downloaded from your other course.

    4. Choose the “Export from this (or other Sakai) system”. This should already be selected by default.

    5. Select “Import”
  • Faculty or students who would like to review user-specific data in Sakai can do so by filling out this Review Sakai Data form.

  • To add or delete a tool in your course:

    Add/ Delete Course Tool

    adding or deleting a tool in the toolbar of a course
    1. Go to your course and select “Site Info”
    2. Click on “Manage Tools”
    3. Select /deselect the tool
    4. Click on “Continue”
    5. Select “Finish”
  • Recognizing students by their work alone can sometime seem daunting especially if you teach online and have never met your students in person.  To help with this problem you may want to encourage students to set up their Sakai profile and add a photo that will help you identify them more easily.  To learn more about how to accomplish this task review this Profile Setup help guide Setting Up Your Sakai Profile.

  • Toggling the Toolbar

     If you suddenly notice small icons displaying on your toolbar instead of the familiar tool menu buttons, you may have accidentally toggled the toolbar view preferences by mistake.  This option is used to create more workspace landscape but can sometimes pose to be a nuisance for users who are unfamiliar with this functionality.  This often occurs when a user is attempting to toggle on ‘student view’ because these buttons are so closely stacked on top of each other.  This sudden architectural change can be alarming initially but, have no fear, there is a quick fix. Simply toggle the chevrons located above the “Enter Access View” button on your toolbar again to change back to the default tool menu list.

    toggle the toolbar view

  • Access View (student and instructor view)

    Select student view by clicking the “Enter access view” button on the top of your toolbar. Once toggled, a red bar will appear at the top of the screen behind your course site tab favorites indicating access (student) view is switched on. To exit this view, simply click ‘Exit Access View’ and the red bar will disappear.

    enter and exit access view

    Access (student) View 

    Inline image 2

    Instructor View

    instructor view

  • Using the Statistics Tool

    For the Forums and Topics present in the course, here is how to view all the Forum submissions an individual has made in a given course site:

    1. Login to Sakai.
    2. Select the course you’d like to review.
    3. Select the Forums tool.
    4. Select the “Statistics & Grading” tab.
    5. Select the name of the student you are reviewing.
    6. The screen that appears with show all of the student submissions for that semester under the header labeled “Messages Authored”.

  • To set up email notifications for every time one of your forum posts gets a response follow these simple steps:

    Watch Forum Settings

    forum watch settings
    1. Go to Forums 2.Click “watch” 3. select notification email settings save
  • Changing Due Dates in Tests & Quizzes.

    If for some reason you don’t see grade results in Gradebook after students have already completed an exam,  you may want to double check the date settings in that exam to make sure the due dates of the exam are accurate.

    change date settings in Test & Quizzes
    1. Click on Tests & Quizzes
    2. Select Published Copies
    3. Locate exam and select Settings from the drop-down menu
    4. Select Availability of Submissions
    5. Change date to desired date
    6. Click Save

    Tests Not Showing Up in Gradebook

  • Add Student To Course Site

    guide to adding participant to course site
    1. Click on Site Info
    2. Add Participants
    3. type in URI email address of user 4. Assign Role individually (choose alternate for instructor role)
    5. Click Continue
    6. Choose the role (e.g. Student)
    7. Click Continue
    8. Send notification or choose not to
    9. Click Continue to finish
  • Updating Email Notification Preferences in Sakai

    1. Click on user profile name (top right hand corner)
    2. Select Preferences
    3. Select notification preferences for specific tools*
    4. Select Update Preferences to complete update

    screenshots- updating email notifications in Preferences

  • Import Tool Content to New Site

    Import Sakai Tools with Content from Another Course Site

    1. ​From the newly created site click Site Info​ 
    2. Click Import from Site
    3. Choose Merge my data (existing tool content will not be erased and replaced)
    4. Select which course site(s) tools you would like to import (tools not present in your new course will not be listed here. To add tools, do this in Site Info__Manage tools)
    5. Select all the tools you would like to import
    6. Click Finish

Camtasia Relay FAQ

Webex FAQ

Mediasite FAQ

Google Apps FAQ

Classroom Response Systems

  • Top Hat has not set up full integration with Sakai yet so data will need to be manually entered.

  • Yes, TurningPoint also offers mobile participation through their TurningPoint mobile app.  For more information about the mobile device experience please refer to TurningPoint’s Mobile Responding web page.

  • Students don’t have time to share the code because presenters can generate a code right there on the spot.

  • You have not yet redeemed a license code. A license code is required to receive credit/grades in class. To redeem a license code: 1. Log in to your Learning Management System. 2. Locate and select the TurningPoint Cloud registration link. 3. Sign in with your school email address and Turning Account password. 4. Select Profile from the left menu. 5. Choose Manage Licenses. 6. Select Add a License. 7. Enter your license code. NOTE: If you do not have a license code, proceed to Purchase a License.

  • Yes you can print out an overview through Results Manager. 

    1. To do this, simply select your course on the left panel of the Manage tab, and go to Results Manager.   
    2. From there, choose the CSV dropdown toward the top left.  Opt to export the current view or all the columns. 
    3. Once you export, you can print the file

    *note* You may get an error message during export warning you that you may have students who are inactive or not identified as properly registered when exporting. Click ok to continue anyway.