Create Presentations With Techsmith Relay

The goal of Relay is to add voice narration to your presentation without added complexity.


screencaptureRelay is a desktop capture tool that allows you to create voice narration within a presentation with minimal effort. Relay’s usability is intentionally simple, providing just enough functionality to get task done quickly. The web-based application allows you to either take a video of everything that is on your desktop, or customize recordings to specific windows displayed. Relay also allows you to record voice narration or capture webcam video.  Relay has a captioning function enabling, not only accessibility but more powerful and engaging videos. Relay videos are a great way to showcase digital course material or supplement resource review by demonstrating ideas for asynchronous learning. Relay is a helpful tool to keep students on track, and videos can be stored on the Relay server for convenient access.

Techsmith Relay -Screencapture Recorder

  • To use Relay all you need is a Windows or Mac computer and an Internet connection. First, you must download the recorder, which will be used to capture your videos. Once you have the videos, they will be uploaded online for you, allowing for easy sharing with a simple web link. To get help using the Relay software after you download it, refer to Getting Started with Relay.  For troubleshooting, please contact the URI Service Desk at 874-HELP. For answers to frequently asked questions please visit our FAQ page ( ) for answers to commonly asked questions.

    You can use Relay to: 

    • Narrate PowerPoint presentations or any desktop demonstration to be shared with your students for review.
    • Create a short Introduction to your Class to post in Sakai. Discuss how your class will be run, set expectations for grading, review use of Sakai tools, explain how you would like the students to contact you, etc.
    • After a class, Office Hours, or a Review Session while you are thinking about a concept that students seemed to have difficulty grasping, use Relay to capture your further explanation or demonstrations, and post to Sakai, creating an additional resource to help students that still need clarification or do not have time to attend any of these sessions.
    • Relay can be used to teach students material consistently for online classes or as supplementary reinforcement of material already presented.
    • It can be helpful if an instructor must miss a day but wants to keep up with lessons as planned.


    1. Install Relay by visiting
    2. log into Relay using your NET ID user credential (eCampus username and Sakai password)
    3. Once you have logged into Relay click on Client Downloads and the system will detect which operating system you are using. Download the installer to get started with recording your presentations.

    ITS maintains a site license for the Techsmith Relay software. Contact Dan Persaud at (401) 874-9854 if you have questions after reviewing this web site.

    Click here to view a document on how to install Relay: Installing Relay

  • See the quick tip help guide: Getting Started with Relay

  • Relay will prompt the user to install any available software update.  If, for some reason, the prompt is not initiated at start up, navigate to the tool bar at the top and click on the update icon to start the process and then select Update Now when prompted. 

    update relayclick on update now




    You will be guided through the installation steps.

    install update



    Click Close and relaunch.

  • Click here to view a video of best practices for recording your presentation: Best Practices

  • Accessibility – Closed Captioning. Silverlight and MP4 output.

    Audio Lecture – Audio Only. For those of you who would like to capture only the audio this profile will do just that. Sometimes there is no need to capture slides or capture video. This profile is the fastest for return and will only capture the audio.

    Nursing – Contains a friendlier output version for iPad’s. Silverlight and MP4 is also available.

    Sakai – Easier to embed in Sakai.

    URI – University of Rhode Island Faculty and Staff.

    Upload and Decide Later


    Before you can start recording you will need to choose a video “Profile” so Relay can render correctly for the type of video and know how you are planning on editing your video later (Ex. adding Closed Captioning, etc). The TechSmith Relay Recorder relies on this profile selection in order to encode the video and email when the job is finished.

    NOTE: You cannot change the video Profile once you have selected it and started your presentation, making it very important to chose the correct one. If you do not know which you will need, you can chose “Upload and Decide Later” (explained in the link above). 

  • See the Closed Captioning guide: Captioning

Request To Delete Relay Content

Send a request form to delete Relay content from your account.