Effective 12/10/17  Roster Sync Resolution Fix For TurningPoint:   TurningPoint has offered a fix to a recent issue some faculty have encountered when trying to sync TurningPoint student data with Sakai (see instructor instructions in step 5 below).  Please review this printable help document to initiate downloading and uploading participant lists for export into Sakai.

Audience Response Systems

elearning toolsIntegrating audience response technologies within the classroom allows unique opportunities for instant meaningful feedback that help direct and shape lecture outcomes by paving an outlet for students to promote free expression of conflicting options.  By providing a students a secure path to anonymity, thus eliminating answers swayed by peer pressure, responses tend to be spontaneous and driven by honesty during lively class discussions. 

Classroom response systems (sometimes called personal response systems, student response systems, audience response systems, or polling) use hardware and software platforms to facilitate teaching and engaging various interactive activities with student audiences.

faculty start here
turning point instructor

FACULTY: 8 Steps for TP Success

    1. Request an Instructor Kit by entering your instructor information on the Turning Technologies site.
    2. Notify the URI Bookstore* (Add clicker info in the Comment section of the Bookstore’s online form and indicate mobile app preferences and whether you will require response cards).

    *Contact for University Bookstore: Paul Whitney 401-874-5224

    1. Open your Sakai course, click on “Site Info” then click on “Manage Tools” tabclick site info then manage tools in Sakai
    2. Select the TurningPoint tool from the list. select TurningPoint tool3. Verify that TurningPoint has been added to the list click “finish”click finish after TP is selected
    1. Click on the TurningPoint Sakai tool you just created in your tool bar.select turningpoint tool icon
    2. You will be directed to a prompt where you may create an account (or if you already have an account with Turning Technologies you may sign in here).  USE YOUR URI EMAIL ADDRESS for this (you will be asked to verify your email, do this by going to your email and click to verify your identity. create account or sign inVerify you email (an email message will be sent to your URI ID)You will be directed back to the TurningPoint login screen…
    3. Select Instructor and click Next. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks.register with TP
    4. Select the checkbox to agree to comply with the End-User License Agreement and Terms of Use and click Next.
    5.  Enter and confirm your password in the fields provided and click Next
    6.  Click on”Finish” to view dashboard.
    1.  While signed in to your Turning Account, select Downloads from the top menu to access the appropriate version of the TurningPoint software. For Fall 2017 use TurningPoint 8:
    • Windows: To install the software on your laptop use the INSTALL version
    • Windows: To install the software on a USB drive, use the NO INSTALL version
    • Macintosh: To install the software on either a USB drive or your laptop use the NO INSTALL version.

    Downloads tab at top of pageTurningPoint pc or mac install2. Save the file to a specified location, then open it and follow the installation instructions.

    alternatively go to  https://instructor.turningtechnologies.com or download it here.



    Please note that TurningPoint 8 is NOT backwards compatible. For example, if an instructor has TurningPoint 8 on their desktop and goes into a lecture hall with a podium computer that has TurningPoint Cloud, it will not work. Anything created in TurningPoint 8 cannot be used in older versions. However, anything created in older versions can be brought into TurningPoint 8 and slides will work successfully. ALL URI GENERAL ASSIGNMENT CLASSROOMS WITH PODIUM COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN UPDATED WITH TURNINGPOINT 8 FOR FALL 2017.

    NOTE: If you previously used TurningPoint 5 or Cloud, install TurningPoint 8 on your computers BEFORE you remove old programs & aliases from your desktop or dock. The first time you run TurningPoint 8 you will have a chance to import files from your old version.


    ***NOTE: Recent TurningPoint Updates Effective 12/10/17 *** See new Sync Procedure guide:

    • TurningPoint has been upgraded for Fall 2017 and it has been URI’s most popular student response system to date.
    • TP offers special cost saving options for URI students. Once registered, the software can be used for multiple courses.
    • TP offers engagement and assessment solutions which allow students to participate using either clicker devices or personal mobile devices. The software provides audience polling, surveys and self-paced assessments. 
    • Interactive content can be created directly within PowerPoint, or you can use the AnyWhere Polling option to ask questions about anything you may be projecting or discussing.
    • TurningPoint is integrated into Sakai which allows student responses to sync to the GradeBook.
  • Each URI classroom has a sign posted on the wall indicating a channel for that specific room. On the sign you will find contact numbers to report various classroom problems if needed.   QR codes can be read by smartphone apps.  These codes give instant room-specific equipment instructions.

    Locate TurningPoint Channel for your classroom* (or click here for a pdf downloadable channel room list.)

    *remember to add this room channel to your syllabus

    • Locate the TurningPoint RF (radio frequency) channel for your classroom.
    • Review TurningPoint’s  Syllabus suggestions to prepare students with expectations, grading and classroom policies.
    • Direct students to create a Student Turning Account by following the STUDENT step-by-step section of this web page – copy and paste this url into your Syllabus: https://web.uri.edu/its-training/student-response-tools/tpstudent/  NOTE: This Student page ONLY lists the steps that students need to follow.
      Here students will find information on:
    • Creating student accounts.
    • Purchasing or redeeming account license codes
    • Adding device IDs in individual Turning Account profiles.
    • Connecting Turning accounts in Sakai courses.
    • Finding TP student related online resources provided by Turning Technologies

    Additionally, you may wish to attach this printable TurningPoint Student -Getting Started Guide to your syllabus.

    NOTE:  If a student does not purchase a Turning Account license/subscription, his or her score will show as an asterisk “*” in all TurningPoint Participant Reports.

    Furthermore, his or her score will export as “0” to an Excel Workbook and will not be exported to Sakai.  In other words, students cannot receive grades until they purchase and activate a license/subscription. See the STUDENT section Buying Guide for specific options.

    Additional student account web documents can be found at student.turningtechnologies.com

  • Get awesome ideas for using TurningPoint in your class:

    1. Before the semester starts, refer to TurningPoint Best Practices.
    2. Refer to the TurningPoint 8 user guide
    3. View short (~2 min) TurningPoint video tutorials (PowerPoint Polling PC Or Mac – Building Your Presentation, Running Your Presentation, Generating Your Reports).
    4. Participate in 30-60 minute TurningPoint training webinars – (you can ask questions during these).
    5. Read Getting Started with TurningPoint First Day of Class Materials, review First Day Slides for classes using clickers (Note: These materials have not been updated and reference TurningPoint Cloud and the ResponseWare mobile app, but the concepts are still relevant.)

    * you can find all these helpful resources and more on the Turning Technologies Instructor page.

    Contact Turning Technologies Technical Support:

    (Toll-free) 866.746.3015 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST.    or  support.turningtechnologies.com

    susie Liebschner

    Connect with your TurningPoint Support Team.

    Join the CLICKERS URI Mailing List (Listserv) for Faculty Updates & Questions

Student: Turning Point 8

  • Students may purchase a TurningTechnologies QT ResponseCard (clicker device) at the URI Bookstore or in your Turning Account Profile where it says Purchase Clicker.

    The URI standard device is the QT model. If you already own an older model, check each course syllabus or ask your professor if the type of questions they will ask will require the QT model which has a keypad for short answer questions.

    • University of Rhode Island Bookstore – Kingston (Choose Course Materials > Online Ordering) When you navigate to the course(s) you are taking, if faculty have notified the Bookstore they will use Turning Technologies, the options listed will be:
      • QT Device & 4 Year subscription ($81.30)
      • USED QT Device & 5 Year subscription ($57.10)
      • NEW QT Device & 5 Year subscription ($83.95)
      • QT Device ($53.35)
    • Turning Technologies Online Store  – The online Student Store reflects the QT clicker model currently used at URI, and subscription/license options of
      • 1 Term ($17.99)
      • 1 Year ($24.99)
      • 5 Years ($48.99)
      • QT BUNDLE ($73.98) -device with 5 Year subscription

    please note: you will still need to purchase a subscription/license even if you already have a device.

  • Set up a Turning student account

    1. Reference each syllabus to determine whether or not you will need to purchase a clicker device (sometimes not required if using a mobile device but check instructor requirements to verify).
    2. Read the Buying Guide below (pay close attention to student rebate info).
    3. Create your Turning Account using your URI eMail! Always access your account from within Sakai (see TurningPoint instructions for students)
    4. Purchase a QT Response device if you need one, AND a subscription/license in the Profile tab of your Turning Account, OR at the URI Bookstore. Look at both options and then pick the combination of purchases that will work best for you.
    5. Register your device and/or license in Sakai. Learn how by watching this short video or read the section below. NOTE: Where the video says to click on register, click on the TurningPoint tool in the left menu of your Sakai course.
    6. If you will use a mobile device, download the TurningPoint mobile app. ***NOTE: If you already have the older ResponseWare app, updating it will result in the new TurningPoint Mobile app being downloaded onto your device.
    7. Start using TurningPoint in the classroom.

    NOTE: Currently, only the 5-year bundle option has a rebate. 

    See an annotated sample Student Profile.

    1. Check the syllabus for your specific RF classroom frequency and set up clicker prior to class. (Clickers respond to assigned Radio Frequency (RF) Channels on the Kingston campus.  The room channel is posted in each room next to the light switch at the main door.
    2. Remember to bring your clicker device to every class, and check each time to make sure it is set to the correct channel for each classroom. Find your clicker and check your specific guide for details.
    3. Need more support? Contact or visit the IT Service Desk  874-HELP (874-4357), Library Lower Level or call TurningPoint Student Support directly 866.746.3015.


  • Turning Technologies offers the TurningPoint Mobile app, which allows you to answer polls with your iOS or Android device or a laptop. Check your class Syllabus to see if your Instructor allows the use of mobile devices in the classroom.

    1. Download the TurningPoint Mobile application to your iOS, Android device or for web application.
    2. If a license activation code came bundled with your clicker, you can redeem it in the Profile section of your Turning Account. You can purchase a license in the same area.
    3. Finally, make sure your mobile device shows up in the device list on your Turning Account.

    TurningPoint Mobile Guides

    • Here are your options if you need additional help:
    • Check TurningPoint Student  on the Turning Technologies website.
    • Call Turning Technologies Student Support line at 866-746-3015:

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (8 AM – 9 PM EST)

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

  • 1. Can I get printable directions to help me create my account?
    Yes, a pdf of the TurningPoint instructions for students can be downloaded or opened on the web.

    2. How do I change channels on a QT device?

    To find your current channel, look in the top left corner of the screen.

    To change channels:

    • Press the ‘CH’ button on your clicker.
    • Press the number of the channel so it shows in the box above ‘New Channel?’. (For channel 8, press 0, and then 8.)
    • Press ‘^’ under the OK in the bottom right screen corner.
    • The screen will read ‘Channel Changed.’

    Students may set the correct channel prior to entering class.

    3. How do I change answers?

    Press the number or letter answer of your choice. If you are answering a multiple choice question (e.g. A, B, C or D) use the black buttons over the keyboard across the top (e.g. 1/A, 2/B, 3/C, 4/D.

    You may answer multiple times during the open polling session. The session will only record your last clicker answer for each question. Once the session is closed by the instructor, votes will not be counted.

    4. How do I change the brightness and contrast?

    Use the ‘wrench’ settings to adjust the screen brightness and contrast. For more information about specific clicker models TurningPoint has a webpage.

    5. How do I use my iOS, Android device, or laptop to respond?

    Check your course syllabus to see if your instructor allows this option. Turning Technologies offers a TurningPoint Mobile application, which allows you to poll with your iPhone, iPodTouch, Smartphone or laptop.

    1. Download the TurningPoint Mobile application to your device.
    2. If a license activation code came bundled with your clicker, you can redeem it in the Profile section of your Turning Account. You can purchase a license in the same area.
    3. Finally, make sure your mobile device shows up in the device list on your Turning Account.

    6. Whom should I contact if I need help?

    Here are your options if you need help:

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (8 AM – 9 PM EST)

    Student Support Line: 1-866-746-3015

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

    7. What are the Accessibility options?

    Turning Technologies maintains a webpage about accessibilty options in their products.

    8. Do I Really Need a Turning Account License?

    A Turning Account license is mandatory for each participant/student.

    If a participant/student does not purchase a Turning Account license, his or her score will show as an asterisk “*” in all TurningPoint participant reports.

    Furthermore, his or her score will export as “0” to an Excel workbook and will not be exported to Sakai.  In other words, students cannot receive grades until they purchase and activate a license.

    9. Do I Need More Than One Turning Account License If I Have More Than One Class Using Clickers?

    No, purchasing a Turning Account license for a year covers you for all classes you take at URI that use Turning Technologies clickers during that year.
    However, you will need to link your Turning Account to each additional Sakai course. To do this:

    • Log into Sakai
    • One at a time, select the course tab for each class that is using TurningPoint.
    • Click on the TurningPoint link in each course (in the left menu).
    • Click to relaunch the page in a new window as needed.
    • Sign into your Turning Account.
    • Log out.

    10. What If I Lost the License Code That Came With My QT Clicker?

    Contact Turning Technologies by email or phone for options.

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (7 AM – 9 PM ET)

    Customer Service Line: 1-866-746-3015

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

    Turning Technologies will send a new License Code in order to activate your Turning Account, but you will need to show proof of purchase.

8 Steps to Top hat Success



  • Simply navigate to Tophat.com, click the Sign-up button, and then identify that you want to create a professor’s account. You’ll start by selecting your school and then enter your account details.



  • Course Creation
    Your initial course will be created during the registration process. After entering your university and account details, you will be prompted to create your first course:

    User-added image



  • Clicking on the X icon next to your course name will take you to the lobby where you can view your list of Top Hat courses and create any additional courses you may need. To create an additional course, simply click the blue Create a Course button in the upper right hand corner and a course creation dialogue box will appear. Most professors enter just the name of the course, but you can also click to expand the Advanced Settings if you would like to add the school-issued course code, a description, or assign a registration password. Click OK to create the new course and proceed. A more detailed look at this is available here: Professor: Creating Additional Courses

    User-added image


  • Managing Your Account Settings
    To update your account settings (such as your email address, phone number or password), click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Top Hat course interface. From the menu that appears, select My Account, and make the changes you need, ensuring to click Save to apply any changes before returning to your course.  More on managing your account settings can be found here: Professor: Editing your Account Settings

    User-added image


  • Top Hat Faculty Resources

    Top Hat has a series of how-to video and online directions for creating your course and managing content. Please scan the list below for the pertinent topic:

  • Students should refer to the Top Hat Quick Start Guide to set up account registration for your course.

  • TopHat supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They recommend against using Internet Explorer. For more information, see their Software Requirements page.

  • Prepare your content on your Top Hat course site and practice using the tool integration before you present to students. For technical issues please contact Top Hat  Support directly:
    (support@tophat.com), the Contact Support button on this page, or calling us at 1-888-663-5491.


  • Before you can enroll in a course, you’ll need to create a Top Hat account.
    If you don’t have a Top Hat account from a previous course, follow our quick start guide for some help getting set up. During the account creation process, you’ll be able to search for your course by your instructor’s name, the Top Hat join code, or course description.

  • You can select and enroll in a course at any time by searching for it in the Course Lobby.

    To do this:

    1. Go to the Top Hat Login page.

    2. Select your school, enter your username and password, then Login.

    3. Click on the Top Hat icon in the top-left hand corner to exit to the Course Lobby

    4. This will take you to the lobby where all your courses will be displayed

    5. To enroll in a course start by clicking the “Add a Course” button

    6. You can now search courses using the search bar.

    7. Courses can be searched by course name, Top Hat Course Code, description, or professor name.

    8. The results will be displayed and you can click Enroll to participate in the class.

    9. Every time you log in from now on, the course should be in your course lobby!

  • 1. How Do I Add Or Disenroll From A Course?

    You can add or disenroll from a course at any time using the Course Lobby in Top Hat. Please follow these directions online at Top Hat.

    2. How do I purchase a subscription from Top Hat?

    Subscriptions are available for different time periods. Be sure to review these options at the Top Hat Purchase a License page.

    This article also includes information on how to use coupon codes, if you have one.

    3. What are the software requirements for Top Hat use?

    TopHat supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They recmmend against using Internet Explorer. For more information, see their Software Requirements page.
    4. What is Top Hat’s privacy policy?

    A copy of Top Hat’s latest Security Policy can be found here.
    5. What if I forget my password?

    Top Hat has a Recover Password link available.

    You can also request a password reset from the Login page. Just click the Recover Password link in the bottom left-hand corner.

  • Top Hat has a Student Success Center with many how-to articles, including:

    • Student Orientation
    • Account Management
    • Payment
    • Working With Specific Devices (such as Android or iOS)

    Please note, there is no URI-specific information at Top Hat because URI has not officially adopted it as our Student Polling software solution.

Using Devices

Classroom Response Systems

Currently, TurningPoint and Top Hat are URI’s two most popular student response systems chosen by URI faculty.  Both TurningPoint and Top Hat have mobile app options that are compatible with most tablets and mobile devices.  Once registered, students can use login credentials to submit feedback entries for multiple courses.


turning point instructor


  • Yes, you may conduct TurningPoint polling without mandating assigned clickers by allowing students to use personal mobile devices in the classroom.  TurningPoint offers a mobile application that can be downloaded to participants’ smartphones and tablets.   For more information about the mobile device experience please refer to TurningPoint’s Mobile Responding web page.

    Device specific app stores:

  • Print an overview  using the Results Manager tool.

    1. Select your course in your TurningPoint work space
    2. Select the Manage tab
    3. Choose Results Manager
    4. From there, choose the CSV dropdown (top left)
    5. Opt to export* the current view wiht all the columns.
    6. Then you may choose to print the file for review

    *note*  you may get an error message during export warning you that you may have students who are inactive or not identified as properly registered when exporting. Click ok to continue anyway.

  • Turning Technologies has steps to ensure such accessibility needs. They have developed the TurningPoint app to act as a virtual clicker for web-enabled devices. There are also multiple response options for the visually impaired and special needs (see link).

  • You may choose to Reserve a  Session ID from the drop-down menu.

    • Click Reserve.
    • Enter a unique Session ID between 4 and 14 alpha or numeric characters but must contain at least one letter, e.g. Psych101.
    • Click Reserve.


    If Random is selected, a Session ID will be randomly generated at the start of each session  (thus eliminating any student sharing scenarios).

  • Students with Duplicate Device IDs

    Your students may, inadvertently, input the session ID in the field of their clicker ID, thus identifying their registration with two devices (one being erroneous).  Students need to remove the erroneous device ID from their accounts to resolve this issue. 

FAQ TP Student

  • If you already set up your TurningPoint Student account with an email outside of your URI email address you can still go in and change the email association in your account.

    1. Sign in to your TurningPoint account.

    2. Select Profile from the left menu.

    3. Click Change Email below your email address at the top of the screen.

    4. Enter your URI email (“”my.uri.edu) address click Send Verification.

    5. Check your email and click verification link to verify the account email change.

  • If you fail to see a green check verifying your LMS connection this means that you did not set up your account through Sakai properly.  

    Complete the following steps to link your accounts:

    1. Log in to your Sakai course

    2. Select the TurningPoint tool

    3. Sign in with your URI email address and account password.

    4. Verify you have opened with a Sakai URL and verify that now a green check is shown in the LMS box after entering in through Sakai.

  • You may purchase a TurningPoint response device through the URI Campus Store or through other vendors such as Amazon.  Additionally, TurningPoint offers a virtual Student Store that can be accessed within student Turning accounts offering buying options such as response devices, licensing codes or both.

  • If you lose your license code, you may provide proof of purchase for the response device and Turning Technologies will provide a newly generated code to replace the old one. Please contact Turning Technologies Technical Support Team at 866-746-3015. Note: Licenses are not transferable.

  • You will need to purchase a subscription/license for each year that you will be using the TurningPoint platform in class. However, you are not required to purchase a new response device each time.  You may still reuse older response devices for the length of your subscription as long as they support the type of questions your instructors will be asking – check each couse Syllabus for guidance.

  • Find the response device current channel on the top left corner of the device screen.

    To change channels:

    • Press the ‘CH’ button on your clicker.
    • Press the number of the channel so it shows in the box above ‘New Channel?’. (For channel 8, press 0, and then 8.)
    • Press ‘^’ under the OK in the bottom right screen corner.
    • The screen will read ‘Channel Changed.’

    Students may set the correct channel prior to entering class.

  • You may answer multiple times during the open polling session. The session will only record your last clicker answer for each question. Voting  time is determined by the instructor and no entries will be tallied after the poll is closed.

  • No, purchasing a Turning Account license for a term or a year covers you for all classes participating during that time frame.
    However, you will need to link your Turning Account to each Sakai course using TurningPoint.

    Linking Individual Sakai Courses to your Turning Account:

    1. Login to Sakai and locate your courses that will use TurningPoint.
    2. For each course, launch the TurningPoint tool in the left menu.
    3. A new window will open.
    4. Sign in to your Turning Account.
    5. Check your TurningAccount settings to verify a Sakai connection to each course (a green check mark should appear in LMS box).
  • Insuring Your Device is Registered

    If your instructor doesn’t see your registered ID associated with your clicker device, send your instructor your registration information so they may see if it is associated with an unregistered device.  If it is than the instructor can manually add you to that device. 

  • Problems connecting to a Session ID

    If you are experiencing issues connecting to a session ID than you may need to re-install the TurningPoint software on your mobile device. 

    1. Download the TurningPoint Mobile application to your iOS, Android device or for web application.
    2. If a license activation code came bundled with your clicker, you can redeem it in the Profile section of your Turning Account. You can purchase a license in the same area.
    3. Finally, make sure your mobile device shows up in the device list on your Turning Account.


Top Hat has also become increasingly popular among students and faculty for it’s seamless mobile app functionality. One time registration, can too, be used for multiple courses.  Top Hat also offers special cost saving incentives and rebates for both students and faculty.  The app allows for easy student smartphone or tablet accessibility and increases in class participation and real-time feedback.  Top Hat offers a wide variety of interactive question packs and discussion modules.