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Webex is a collaborative video software that works on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and laptop or desktop computers. The Information Technology Services offers licenses at a substantially discounted rate to departments, colleges, and offices. One license can be shared by a number of co-workers, allowing multiple meetings to be scheduled on any day.

Reach out to colleagues, coworkers, and students from your office, home, or even a coffee shop anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Share your video, documents, applications or allow others to control the presentation. The meeting can be just audio, video or both, and different collaborators can join the meeting using different devices and audio and/or video.

URI Webex site: browse here for URI courses and meetings.

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To All URI WebEx users:
Date: 1/24/2017

There is a vulnerability in the WebEx extensions in the Chrome web browser that will leave you open to drive-by attacks that can be carried out by just about any website visited.

This only affects people that added the WebEx extension onto their Chrome web browser.

To avoid this you must update your WebEx extension so it is running at least version 1.0.3.

Steps to update your Chrome WebEx extension:
1. Click on the three vertical dot button in the upper right hand corner (Customize and control Google Chrome)
2. Hover over “More Tools” and click on “Extensions”
3. Page down to the Cisco WebEx Extension. If the version is 1.0.3 or higher you are okay.
4. If you have below that level at the top of the page check the box “Developer Mode” and then click on the button “Update extensions now”.

To read further on this issue you can visit the below link:

The last selection in the list is for the browser plug-ins.  If you have been having problems with audio, please be sure to download and install the latest plug-ins.


  • WebEx is an application-sharing and conferencing service that may be used for presentations, demos, training and support and is provided in a cloud-based, hosted format from WebEx Communications, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (

    Everything that the presenters see and manipulate on their computers can be viewed by everyone in the conference. Additional controls offer participants the ability to present materials in a collaborative, user-friendly framework. WebEx works well from both Windows and Mac systems and is also available via portable devices such as IPad/IPod and Android-based systems.

    URI faculty and staff are offered the use of this system with integration into desktop applications for unlimited meeting collaboration with up to 1000 participants at a time, utilizing both video and computer-based audio. A host account may invite participants (no licenses required) from any outside or internal locations with full collaboration as well as meeting recording capabilities.

    Watch a short video on the benefits of WebEx!

  • How do I join a session from a PC or Mac?          

    You can join a training session in any of the following ways:

    • Open the invitation or registration email and click the link. Enter your name, email address, and the session password, then click Join Now.
    • Navigate to the URI WebEx site, then click “Browse Meetings” in the left column. Click the name of the event you want to join and enter your name, email address, and the event password, then click “Join Now.”
    • To join an unlisted event, click Unlisted Events, enter the event number, then click Join Now.

    If you have used Webex with your web browser before, you can immediately join the session.  If you are new to Webex, or have used it in a different browser, you will be prompted to download a small plug-in that enables you to hear the audio portion of the session.  Without this plug-in, you will not be able to attend a full-functioning session.


    How do I join a session from a mobile device?    

    To get started, download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app and install it on your device. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows 8 phones from the appropriate application store for that device.  The App is free.  

    You cannot join training sessions from BlackBerry devices.

    If you have a WebEx account, locate the training session on the My Meetings screen. If registration is not required tap Join. If registration is required, tap Register, then follow the instructions on the registration screen. Once registration is approved, Register changes to Join.

    If you do not have a WebEx Account, you can join a training session using either of these methods:

    • Open the invitation email. If registration is not required, tap the link to join. If registration is required, tap the registration link, complete the registration information and tap Register. When you receive the registration confirmation email, tap the link to join.
    • Tap WebEx Meetings, then tap Join by Number. Enter the session number, your name and email address. If registration is not required, tap Join. If registration is required, tap Register and follow the instructions on the registration screen. Once registration is approved, Register changes to Join.
  • Short Videos Clips (around 3 minutes each):

    WebEx services utilize the audio and video devices understood by your computer’s operating system. This is true for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Multiple devices may be installed on your operating system with OS being the default.

    You can install any webcam, microphone, or speaker combination supported by your operating system. The first time you use WebEx, a test of audio capabilities will be performed. You can change your device at any time from the top WebEx menu.


  • To get a WebEx account, send your request via email to or call Telecommunications Services at 874-7071. Please provide the following information:

    • Name
    • Department
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Chart field string to bill

    The cost for a host account is $252 per year and is billed as a one-time charge to your department’s Telecommunication account.

    • The account allows unlimited meetings with computer audio/video for up to 1000 participants.
    • Only the host needs to have an account.
    • Departments can set up a WebEx administrative email account. That account will be tied to the email address of an individual in the department who will maintain control and delegate availability to departmental users.To set up a departmental email account, call the Help Desk at 874-4357 or email

    For additional information, email or call Telecommunications Services at 874-7071.

    • If you can’t remember your username, try your ​eCampus username. If you can’t remember your password, click the Forgot your password? link, then follow the prompts. You will receive an email from which you can reset your password.
    • You can select hosts that you want to allow to schedule meetings on your behalf. You can do this in your Personal Room preferences.
    • Want to lock your Personal Room automatically or receive notifications when someone is waiting in your Personal Room lobby? You can do this in your Personal Room preferences.
    • You can join or host a WebEx meeting from virtually all mobile devices: iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, and more. Visit the WebEx Mobile Apps site to download the latest version of WebEx software for your mobile device.
    • During your Webex, before you click a button or choose a menu item, briefly pause your mouse over the object, this allows your audience to attend to the item being chosen.
    • Your archived Webex Videos count against the URI storage quota, so please download any videos to your own computer and share them via another server. Directions on how to download are available from the Cisco Webex Support Topics.
    • To improve viewing quality for recorded Webex meetings, move your mouse slowly at first then gradually move it faster.
    • To improve viewing quality for recorded Webex meetings, set your monitor’s display resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels before recording.
    • To improve audio quality during your Webex, set your microphone volume to the highest level that does not cause distortion.
    • To improve audio quality, use a headset with microphone for audio. Headsets typically provide better quality than phone handsets or speaker phones.
  • If you haven’t installed the browser plug-in for WebEx, you will be able to attend a meeting but not hear the audio or participate with a microphone.

    Get the plug-ins for Webex.

    Go to the plug-ins for Meeting Center. Use the pull-down menu to select either Mac or PC, and then click the Download button.


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