Consultation Services


ITS provides basic technical assistance in the public computing labs and on a walk-in basis at the Help Desk in the URI Library.

You may expect the following type of help from on-site lab assistants:

  • Answers to questions regarding telecommunications to ITS-supported computer systems and associated protocol settings
  • Information regarding software packages and programs supported by ITS
  • Assistance with MacOS, Windows, and UNIX
  • Disk and file restoration
  • Assistance in obtaining down-loadable software
  • Direction to documentation on hardware, software, procedures, policies, and facilities

At the Help Desk, you can help us solve computing problems more quickly:

  • Write down and/or look up any pertinent error messages that appear
  • Have some familiarity with the system you are using
  • Have some familiarity with documentation for the hardware and software being used. Computer education resources and “How To” documents¬†are available.
  • Provide supporting information, all error messages produced, and hardcopy listings of interactive problems.
  • Be prepared to yield to other users if the problem requires considerable time to resolve.
  • Use the telephone only for quick information, network problems, short software or hardware questions, and to schedule an appointment with a specialist.
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