Classroom Presentation Policies

Faculty members who themselves require an introduction to the use of ITS-supported computer facilities, systems, and software may request a classroom presentation under the following conditions:

  1. A presentation on the same material may be requested a maximum of two times. The faculty member who requested it must be present for the classroom presentation. The courses are free of charge.
  2. A minimum of ten students per class is required. If a faculty member anticipates that fewer than ten students will attend, ITS requests that another class be required to attend the same session.
  3. Faculty members are asked to ensure that their students have prerequisite knowledge if the presentation is not at the introductory level. If the class does not have the required expertise, the faculty member must schedule the prerequisite presentation first.
  4. If a hands-on approch is used in the presentation, an ITS teaching facility will be used.
  5. Sufficient class periods should be allowed to adequately cover course material.
  6. Once a request is made to Information Technology Services at 874-2148, a presentation will be scheduled at a time slot based on the regular class schedule, the availability of ITS teaching staff, and the availability of the teaching facility.
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