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Students process email using the Google-hosted email system named

Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff have an official URI email address on Google Apps for Education with unlimited storage. The account is in the format: The initial password for your email account is the one you chose in e-Campus during New User Registration. You will be ​prompted at first login to change your password. If you do not remember your choice, please contact the IT Service Desk, (401) 874-4357 for a password change.

Keep in mind…
We cannot create your email account until we receive your information from the Office of Human Resources Administration. Please contact the Help Desk at 874-HELP if you are experiencing an undue delay in getting on-line.

ETAL ID: Special Needs Accounts

The ETAL ID is a non-standard email and Internet account for the following purposes:

  • Departmental needs such as departmental email addresses, calendaring and document sharing
  • Research collaboration
  • Project collaboration
  • URI organizations or student organizations (require a faculty/staff sponsor)

For more on ETAL IDs and the request for an account, go to the ETAL ID Web page.

Please read the following information about email:

URI Official Email Communication Guidelines
Reporting Email Abuse
Virus Protection 
Account Types & Password Problems
Configure Your Email Program

Virus Protection

The following protective elements are implemented on our email servers to prevent the spread of virus-infected mail:

  • Virus-infected incoming and outgoing email is discarded as it is detected.
  • To prevent spamming by compromised machines on our network, a limit of 100 outgoing emails per day is imposed.

To further minimize the chance of virus damage to your computer, follow these recommendations:

Go to our Virus Website to download virus protection software. Check the site regularly for updates; MS Outlook and Outlook Express are particularly vulnerable to virus problems. Go to our Security Website for information on security patches, testing your machine for vulnerabilities, etc.


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