e-Campus Password Changes

Password/pass phrases are the front line of protection for computer user accounts. If one URI e-Campus account was compromised due to password error, Social Security numbers of thousands of employees and students could be accessible to unscrupulous cyber criminals. To avoid that from happening and in keeping with our continuing effort to apply information security best practices, the University’s e-Campus system will be modified for password expirations.

As of January 1, 2016 all new employees and all employees enrolled in a class from 2003 to present will receive a notice to change their password every 90 days. When those employees log into e-Campus, a message will display if the password has expired or if it will expire in two days. Additionally, any employee who currently changes their password will be prompted to change it every 90 days.

During summer and fall 2016, the e-Campus system will be further modified requiring password changes every 90 days for all employees. Until then, password changes are highly recommended but not required until the e-Campus system requests the action. Visit changing your e-Campus password for details.