Enterprise File Server (ENTFS) Replacement

Within the next six months, UCS plans to replace the centralized file storage server that at present supports 40 campus-wide academic and administrative departments. In some cases, individual file shares currently reside on this server. To ensure a smooth-running migration and completion, we request your assistance.

The new centralized file storage server (NAS01) will replace the current one (ENTFS). With this replacement, there will be a change to storage capabilities. Individual file sharing storage will not be provided on the new server as doing so would unnecessarily duplicate services.

Since the move in 2015 to Google Apps for Education (now known as G-Suite), unlimited storage for individual file sharing has been accessible on your Google Drive. And now we request that you move any data from your individual drive located on the current file server to your Google Drive or to your department’s file share. When doing so, UCS encourages strict adherence to the G-Suite Acceptable Use IT Security Guidelines at: http://security.uri.edu/uploads/URI-G-Suite-Acceptable-Use.pdf

UCS will be contacting departments currently owning file shares to review your share setup and Active Directory (AD) changes, and to discuss cutover procedures. Although you will have to make some changes, we are committed to making the departmental migration process as smooth as possible.

For further information on ITS centralized storage, please visit:  https://web.uri.edu/its/its-centralized-storage/