File Sharing Request for the URI Enterprise File Server

If this is your first file sharing request:

  • If the files you intend to store on the file server contain sensitive data, you are responsible for securing the data.
  • The owner of the shared folder will be the primary contact for University Computing Systems regarding the file sharing.
  • All file sharing requests must be submitted via the online form below.

We will contact you via email after we review your request and determine its feasibility, which is based on the amount of resources you are requesting.

This form is used to request a Departmental File Share on the NAS01 Centralized Storage. Please review the ITS Centralized Storage document.

If you intend to store sensitive information in the share, please review the Data Classification Guide at: If you have any questions please contact the ITS Security Office at

All fields are required.
  • Name: (first, last)e-Campus ID:Access permission (RO - read only, RW - all access): 
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  • Name: (first, last)e-Campus login ID (not 9 digit emplID): 
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