Hardware Configurations for ITS-Supported Personal Computers

In an effort to provide consistent and reliable support to the users of personal computers at URI, Information Technology Services (ITS) has compiled a list of supported hardware configurations to assist users in deciding which personal computing system to purchase.

The hardware configurations we recommend provide sufficient computing capacity to meet performance requirements for instructional and multimedia applications. By purchasing one of these systems you are assured that:

  • Your computer is capable of running ITS-supported software
  • Your computer is capable of connecting to the URI network
  • You can get assistance at the ITS Help Desk

Therefore, if you are considering a new personal computer, please consult the information below before making your purchase. Any of these machines can be bought at RAM Computers in the Memorial Union. Ram Computers provides students with affordable Higher Education pricing on computer hardware, software, setup, and computer repair services and supplies. They also offer “Rhody-Ready” bundles, which is a desktop or laptop machine configured to your needs. Contact RAM Computers at 401-874-2679.

Minimal Configuration
For information on Windows Vista machines, visit the URI Bookstore RAM Computers site.
Machine Speed Memory Harddrive CD/DVD Operating System
Windows Desktop 2 GHz 512 Mb 40 Gb DVD/CDRW Windows XP
Windows Laptop 1.5 GHz 512 Mb 40 Gb DVD/CDRW Windows XP
Macintosh Desktop 1 GHz 512 Mb 40 Gb DVD/CDRW Mac OS X
Macintosh Laptop 600 MHz 512 Mb 40 Gb DVD/CDRW Mac OS X

Additional Considerations

Software – the software suite recommended and supported by ITS includes:

  • Microsoft Office XP or 2007 for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 2004 for Macs
  • Browsers for Windows: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and Firefox 1.0.4
  • Browsers for Macintosh: Safari and Mozilla

Email Programs:

  • Outlook for Windows
  • Mail for Macs

A complete set of software used in courses is available to students.

Hardware Warranty: An extended 3-year warranty with on-site service should be strongly considered.

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