Instructional Computing Facilities

Managed by ITS

Ballentine 240 . Fine Arts F102 . Independence 305 . Independence 306 . Quinn 215/217 . URI/Providence 301

Reservable by instructors for classes; available for walk-in use when not reserved.

Location, Description, and Telephone Numbers
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Accessing Facilities During Off-hours
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Facilities Location, Description, and Telephone Numbers

Facility Platform Telephone
Ballentine 240
40 PCs 874-7488
Fine Arts F102 18 Macs 874-2703
Independence 305 24 MacBooks 874-2032
Independence 306 24 PC Laptops 874-2554
Quinn 215/217 16 PCs 874-5519
URI/Providence 301 75 PCs 277-5290

Facilities Hardware

Ballentine 240 Fine Arts F102 Independence 305 Independence 306 Quinn 215/217
Machine Type Optiplex GX260 iMac MacBook* HP NX6110 Laptop* Optiplex GX280
Speed 2.4 Ghz 1.8 Ghz 1.83 Hhz 1.6 Ghz 2.8 Ghz
RAM 512 Mb 1.5 Gbb 512 Mb 512 Mb 1 Gb
Zip Drive 250 Mb 250 Mb None None None
Monitor 15″ 17″ 12″ 15″ 17″

* A University ID must be submitted to the Lab Assistant to use laptops.

ITS provides facilities management services for Instructional Computing Facilities. These facilities are reservable by instructors for classes at different hours each week. A schedule for the following week will be posted at locations in and around the facilities each Friday. Please consult the Computer Facilities Rental Policy for more information about reservable facilities.
A Lab Assistant is present in each facility to provide security and give basic assistance in using the facilities. When facilities are not scheduled for class, URI faculty, staff, and students may use them. Machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If necessary, a waiting list will be maintained by the Lab Assistant. When a waiting list exists, a machine may be used for no longer than 60 minutes. All users must provide their own media for data storage.
The Lab Assistant is not expected to teach users how to use the equipment or provide in-depth consultation on problems. If you require consultation, need hands-on instruction for a group, or have comments on the operation of the facilities, please contact the ITS Help Desk at
Please cooperate in keeping the facilities neat and in order! Under no circumstances are smoking, drinking, or eating permitted.

Information for Instructors

Classroom-related Software
IITS administers the installation of classroom-related software and performs scheduled maintenance during break times when the labs can be shut down.
Instructors who wish to install software for use in a lab must obtain an appropriate license agreement from the software vendor that explicitly allows installation of the software. The license agreement and a complete set of software including all installation instructions and a working backup copy must be delivered to the URI Library, LL2 at least two weeks prior to the scheduled use date. One week prior to use, the instructor must test the software. At the end of each semester, software is deleted without further notification unless the instructor has applied for an extension of the storage time.
Reserving the Kingston Facilities
Reservations should be made no later than Wednesday of the preceding week. Since many users plan their activities around times that the facilities are open for unscheduled use, late reservations will not be accepted.
To reserve the Kingston campus labs, fill out a request at or call 874-4961.
Reserving the Providence Facilities
The Providence teaching labs can be scheduled for dates throughout the semester for 1 and 1/2 hours at a time. This is equivalent to one half of a class period. To reserve the Shepard 301C and 301D labs, call 277-5290.
During periods of scheduled use in the facilities, the instructor is responsible for distributing software and insuring laboratory security. An instructor who does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled reserved time will forfeit the reservation.
The Lab Assistant may be called upon to assist with any hardware problems. However, the Lab Assistant is not charged to assist in the class instruction. Request for specific teaching support must be made by e-mail to
Accessing Facilities During Off-hours
Instructors must make arrangements to gain entry to instructional facilities during off-schedule hours such as evenings during summer and winter breaks when Lab Assistants are not on duty.
To do so, first check the lab schedule to determine if the lab is open when your class is scheduled. If the lab is not open, proceed as follows:
  1. Fill out a lab reservation request.
  2. Make sure you have a valid URI ID card – you will need it to unlock the electronic facility lock.
    If you do not have a URI ID card, go to the Access Office in the Memorial Union to get one.
  3. Next, contact Mike Stewart of ITS at or 874-7538  to validate your URI ID card and to get an alarm code for the electronic lock.
  4. Learn how to swipe your ID card, open and close the lab, and how to use the alarm code before your scheduled class! Instructions are usually posted next to the ID card reader. If you have a problem or question, e-mail
Note: It is best to make a test run during normal University business hours when staff is available to help you if you have a problem. Staff will not be on-site to help during off-hours!
  1. Contact Jane Suvajian of IITS at or 874-4783 to arrange orientation on facility equipment.
  2. If your class is scheduled on a weekend or holiday, ask your Dean/Director/Department Chair to write a memo to the Captain of the URI Police Department requesting that the building be opened.
  3. When leaving the facility, swipe your URI ID card to lock the door(s).
Please remember:
– You are responsible for the security of the facility and the equipment.
Do not leave the room unattended when the door is unlocked!
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