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Reserving Kingston Facilities | Reserving Providence Facilities
Accessing Facilities Off-hours

Reserving the Kingston Facilities

Reservations should be made no later than Wednesday of the preceding week. Since many users plan their activities around times that the facilities are open for unscheduled use, late reservations will not be accepted. See the Computer Lab Reservation Policy for more information.

Check the lab schedule to determine if the lab is open when your class is scheduled.

To request a computer lab reservation in Ballentine or Chafee 141, send an email to including your name, the course number, the lab requested, and the dates and times the lab is needed. Please remember that we do not automatically schedule time slots for finals. You need to request those times if you require them. For reservations in Quinn 215/217 or Fine Arts 102F, please contact Enrollment Services.

Reserving the Providence Facilities

The Providence teaching labs can be scheduled for dates throughout the semester for 1 and 1/2 hours at a time. This is equivalent to one half of a class period. To reserve the Shepard 301C and 301D labs, call 277-5290. During periods of scheduled use in the facilities, the instructor is responsible for distributing software and insuring laboratory security. An instructor who does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled reserved time will forfeit the reservation.

The Lab Assistant may be called upon to assist with any hardware problems. However, the Lab Assistant is not charged to assist in the class instruction. Request for specific teaching support must be made by e-mail to

Accessing Facilities During Off-hours

Instructors must make arrangements to gain entry to instructional facilities during off-schedule hours such as evenings during summer and winter breaks when Lab Assistants are not on duty.

For more information about accessing the lab after hours, please email

For more information about any of the labs please read any of the information pages in the ITS wiki listed below:

Ballentine Lab
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Quinn Lab

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