ITS Centralized Storage

What is it?

NAS01 is the new ITS provided central file storage system. Housed on new infrastructure, it replaces the Enterprise File Server (ENTFS).

The infrastructure is located in the ITS Data Center with permissions and access administered via Active Directory (AD). Access is restricted to on-campus and VPN secure remote access.

What can be stored on NAS01

ITS centralized storage is for academic and work related data. Each department gets a top level share which can be structured via subdirectories/folders to meet the needs for sharing and access.

There are no individual file shares on NAS01. Individual files can be stored on Google Drive adhering to the the G-Suite Acceptable Use document located at:

What cannot be stored on NAS01

The centralized storage system is not to be used for personal music collections, videos or photos. It is not backup storage for desktop data. It is not the place to backup up your .pst files. Backup of .pst files can stored on Google Drive.

See Google’s document on file types and sizes that can be stored on Drive and  how to download files greater than 2GB using the desktop Drive sync app


Backup/Retrieval of data on NAS01

The centralized storage is backed up using our Netvault backups system. There is a monthly full backup with incrementals taken daily.

Restoration of folders and files can be requested by submitting the form at:

How to request access to a departmental file share

Requests for departmental file shares can be submitted at:

File share quotas

The initial departmental quota is is based on discussions between the department and UCS to determine need. Requests for quota increases can be submitted at:

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