Users of Windows XP should upgrade by December 31st

windows-xp-iconOn the recommendation of the President’s Information Technology Security Council, with positive input from the University Technology Network (UTN) PC standards subcommittee, and the full support of the Deans Council, all users with Microsoft Windows XP workstations should upgrade to a supported operating system no later than December 31, 2014.

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft Windows XP reached End of Life (EOL) support.  This status means that Microsoft no longer releases system patches or service packs for XP, even when new vulnerabilities are reported and are being actively exploited.  Users who continue running Windows XP, therefore, are now assuming a high level of risk for themselves and the entire campus community.  In addition, newer versions of applications will gradually cease to run on Windows XP systems.  Many vendors already do no guarantee backward compatibility with Windows XP.

Anyone who has questions about whether they are running Windows XP and how to upgrade should contact their local technology support person or the ITS Help Desk (874-HELP, 874-4357 or for assistance.

Be aware also of an EOL deadline for another Microsoft operating system.  Microsoft has already announced that Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported after July 14 next year (2015).  Once unsupported, Server 2003 will carry the same risks as Windows XP.  ITS Security strongly recommends that system owners plan to upgrade all servers to a supported operating system well before this date in order to avoid operational and security issues.