SAS Bridge for ESRI

Our license for SAS version 9.4 includes SAS Bridge for ESRI, a tool for linking tabular SAS data and analytical results with the spatial data of the ArcGIS environment. For details, go to

Installation Guidelines 

  1. To install SAS Bridge on a machine with ArcGIS already installed, you must uninstall ArcGIS first.
  2. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package.
  3. Install ArcGIS 10 (Workstation and Desktop) with ArcGIS Desktop Developer Kit. After the ArcGIS 10 Desktop installation, you will be prompted to install the Developer Kit.
  4. Install SAS 9.4.
  5. To install SAS Bridge, insert the SAS Client-Side Components Volume 3 disk.
  6. Select English then click OK.
  7. Select SAS Bridge for ESRI in the left top corner.
  8. Then scroll down and click the Install button.
  9. Follow the steps to install SAS Bridge.
  10. After installing SAS Bridge, start ArcMap to create the link between ArcGIS and SAS Bridge.
  11. Select Extensions under the Tools menu.
  12. Select SAS Data Exporter Extension for ArcGIS 10.
  13. RESTART your computer.
  14. To export ArcMap data to a SAS data set or vice versa, follow the instructions at