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Facilities Location, Description, and Telephone Numbers

Facility        Platform         Telephone
URI Library, LL4        92 PCs; 10 Macs         874-4278
Memorial Union, 313        63 PCs; 10 Macs


Supported Software
The Library Lab (LL3) and the Memorial Union Lab have the latest version of Microsoft Office as well as the most popular browsers , Acrobat Reader, Flash and Java Runtime installed. Students may install freeware on the machines, but any additions or modifications to the programs will be erased upon machine restart. We strongly advise all students to reboot the machine before use, as a prior user may have installed a key logger or visited a website that introduced malware to the machine.

Information for Instructors

Classroom-related Software
ITS administers the installation of classroom-related software and performs scheduled maintenance during break times when the labs can be shut down.

Instructors who wish to install software for use in a lab must obtain an appropriate license agreement from the software vendor that explicitly allows installation of the software. The license agreement and a complete set of software including all installation instructions and a working backup copy must be delivered to the URI Library, LL2 at least two weeks prior to the scheduled use date. One week prior to use, the instructor must test the software. At the end of each semester, software is deleted without further notification unless the instructor has applied for an extension of the storage time.


ITS operates and maintains both the computer lab on the third level of the Memorial Union and the lab on the lower level of the Robert L. Carothers Library in Kingston. The policies for these facilities can be found online in the URI Tech Wiki. The global policies for computing at URI are also available online.” These facilities provide open access to URI students, faculty, and staff.

Lab Assistants are present in each facility to provide security and give basic assistance in using the facilities. URI faculty, staff, and students may use the facilities. Machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis. When necessary, a waiting list is maintained by the Lab Assistant. When a waiting list exists, a machine may be used for no longer than 60 minutes. All users must provide their own media for data storage.

The Lab Assistant is not expected to teach users how to use the equipment or provide in-depth consultation on problems. If you require consultation, need hands-on instruction for a group, or have comments on the operation of the facilities, contact the ITS Help Desk at

Please cooperate in keeping the facilities neat and in order. Under no circumstances are smoking, drinking, or eating permitted.

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