The University of Rhode Island Computer and Networking IT Service Desk is the one-stop center for all tech-related issues at the university.  We provide support for any issue related to eCampus, Sakai, E-mail, Internet connections, wireless, smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktops, and more.

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Google Sign-In Page Changes!

Google’s sign-in page is changing slightly – have no fear!

ITS Training Schedule!

Learn new stuff! For FREE! Seriously!

Need to change your Sakai password?

We have made a handy form for you to do just that!

Google Chrome Calendar Integration with WebEx

Simple and free Google Chrome Calendar integration with WebEx, take a look, well worth the time!
The WebEx Google mail integration can be located in the Chrome web store for download. The download file name is WebEx Scheduler. The following link walks through the simple steps needed to get this integration in place.

ENTFS File Share Retirement

On January 3rd, 2018 all access to the ENTFS ( file share will be broken. All file share space is now on the NAS01.

Client Impact:
  • Any login scripts or manual mappings still referencing ENTFS will fail. Login script failures should be escalated through the IT Service Desk. Manual mappings need to be corrected by the client
  • Any I:\ drives that were not migrated by May 31,2017 will no longer be accessible. If anyone has not migrated their data and needs to have access to their files, they should call the IT Service Desk and put in a request for a restore.
  • Data will be maintained for 3 months then deleted.
Information regarding Centralized Storage can be found at:

Security Notice!

The following is sent on behalf of URI Department of Public Safety.

As the semester begins, URI Police remind all students, faculty and staff to remain vigilant and to secure their personal property, including cell phones and laptop computers. If you are studying at the library, a dining hall or at the Memorial Union, please keep your property with you at all times. There have been some recent reports of laptops being taken from the library.

Here are some basic security reminders

Personal property should never be left unattended!
In your campus residence, your computers should be secured with pads or cables to reduce the opportunities for theft! Laptop computers SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED!
Add or activate tracking software for your laptop! LoJack for Laptops or are sites if you need to add tracking software.
The most common targets of theft on the campus are small items such as wallets and pocketbooks. These articles should be kept with you or secured at all times!
Take the valuables out of the pocket of your coat if you hang it on your chair or the back of a door.
Office and laboratory doors should be locked when the room is not being used.
Valuables should be locked in the trunk of your car and not left in plain view!

The URI Police urge all students to keep their doors locked at all times and to secure electronic equipment. Notify URI Police immediately at 874-2121 for any suspicious activity anywhere on campus.

Equifax Hack

We’re sure you’ve heard of the massive breach that happened to Equifax, exposing massive amounts of our personal information to hackers.  Our Security team has made a post explaining it.  Go check it out.

Sakai 11.4 Update, and Clearing Cache

The Sakai upgrade to version 11.4  will be taking place from 5:00 PM on Friday August 25 until 8:00 AM Monday August 28th.

All users will be prompted to clear cache settings upon Sakai 11 login on Monday 8/28/17 in the new upgraded version on Monday. Learn how to clear your cache before logging in to the new version.

Rhody Wifi

The starting page for your wifi needs has changed.  Please go to to get started.

Additional note – for iOS users (iPhone, iPad etc.) please make sure to remove your old Secure profile before you go the rhodywifi link.  To do this click on your Settings, click on General, scroll down to Profiles.  Then click the URI profile and remove it.  Then you’ll be ready to start!

Top Issues

Conference Calling

URI Telecommunications is now offering in-house conference calling for up to 25 participants.  Our latest VoIP upgrade includes a new Cisco feature called Conference Now.

UTN Conference Calling Announcement

TV Service Changes

URI’s TV network has been migrated to a new high definition over-the-air broadcast system.  For additional information please visit:

It is important to note that although we will be carrying over-the-air channels, televisions will still need to be configured for “cable tv” mode during the channel scan, as the over-the-air channels will be carried through URI’s cable TV network.

IT Service Desk Calendar

Here is a link to the IT Service Desk Calendar.

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