Phone Directory – Changing Your Information

phone directory listings

Many elements for the URI on-line phone directory for faculty, full-time staff and students are pulled from e-Campus. Some information can be changed by the user while other information must be changed by Human Resources.

e-campus changes

Within e-Campus, a user can change information by selecting Self Service. Faculty and Staff should then select URI Directory Profile. From this page, names can be personalized (such as using a nickname or middle name rather than the formal first name), phone numbers (work and home) can be added/edited, home information can be suppressed from the directory, email addresses changed, and links to web pages added.

Work addresses and department names cannot be changed through e-Campus.

changes made by human resources

Work addresses and department names can only be changed by Human Resources. To change these items, a USP-2 must be submitted by the department where the individual is employed.