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BIOL 594 – Symbioses

This fall semester lecture/seminar course will examine how symbiosis has had one of the most important roles of any biological process in shaping eukaryotic diversity. Students will be introduced to the range of facultative to obligate symbiotic relationships involving both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The class will also explore how molecular and genomic approaches are being applied to understand the organismal and cellular interactions that define symbiotic relationships. Oral presentations and a term project will be required. Advanced undergraduates are encouraged to apply. (Lecture/Seminar) Prerequisites: Genetics and a course in either cell or molecular biology, or graduate standing.

BIOL 365 – Biology of Algae

This 4 credit course meets in the spring on Tuesdays and Thursdays for both lecture (9:30-10:45) and lab (1:00-3:45). The focus is on taxonomy, morphology, and evolution of all major algal divisions. The laboratory/field component focuses upon taxonomic identification of both live and preserved microscopic and macroscopic algal species. Prerequists: BIOL 102

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