Citing and Reporting

As a condition for accepting support through the URI MARC U*STAR Program, trainees and their faculty research mentors are required to acknowledge the URI MARC U*STAR grant in their scientific meeting abstracts (oral and poster presentations), research publications, media articles and press releases.

Compliance with NIH’s Public Access Policy is required for all publications (see below). 

Trainees and faculty research mentors are required to include the following statement on oral and poster presentations, research publications, and media articles:

“Research reported in this [abstract, publication, media release] was supported by the URI MARC U*STAR grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under grant number T34GM131948.” 

Reporting in Biosketch, Curriculum Vitae, and Other Support:
T34GM131948      Howlett, Niall G. (PI) & Dewsbury, Bryan M. (PI)      06/01/19-05/30/24
MARC U*STAR Training Program at the University of Rhode Island
Role: MARC Trainee

Compliance with NIH Public Access Policy
All publications must be compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy. This includes submission of your full-text manuscript to PubMed Central (PMC). Submission to PMC may be done automatically through the journal you have submitted to or it may require direct submission.

NIH Public Access Policy:
Submission Methods:

Published Manuscripts
Please provide a copy of accepted/published manuscripts, including the PMID#, acknowledging the URI MARC U*STAR grant to Principal Investigator Howlett:

Niall G. Howlett, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
University of Rhode Island
379 CBLS, 120 Flagg Road
Kingston, RI 02881

All abstracts (presentations) and publications are reported to the NIH in our annual Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).