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The International Nonviolence Summer Institute is an intensive experiential two-week “training of trainers” workshop giving participants a comprehensive introduction to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy and strategies of nonviolence. The training is useful for people of all ages and backgrounds, including those who experience different levels of violence in their daily lives, and people seeking justice, equality, and human rights through nonviolent social change. The workshop includes a review of the Kingian Nonviolence model for conflict reconciliation and social transformation and provides a framework for conflict management, mediation, and ultimately reconciliation.

The Institute is facilitated by Center faculty and certified Kingian Nonviolence training staff, working in collaboration with distinguished visiting scholar, Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.

Mastery of content is assessed in preparation for the second week of training, focusing on the skills necessary to plan and conduct nonviolence trainings. Participants complete the training by demonstrating both their depth of knowledge and their training facilitation skills.

Examples of training content include modules in:

  • The concepts of nonviolence and Dr. King’s eclectic philosophy based on his writings
  • Types and levels of conflict
  • An examination of Martin Luther King’s 6 Principles of Nonviolence
  • An analysis of the 6 Steps of Nonviolence
  • A review of Dr. King’s key campaigns
  • Dynamic models of social change
  • Role plays, lectures, and group simulation exercises provide opportunities for application of the material
  • Strategies and techniques of how to become an effective facilitator of the Core Introductory Workshop

In addition, participants are provided with 3-ring binders that include training booklets and supplementary reading materials. Historical videos, documentaries and multimedia programs are presented that vividly portray the various topics.

Participants earn Level I certification as Nonviolence Training Affiliates of the Center, qualified as co-trainers in presenting a Kingian Nonviolence 2-Day Core Introductory Workshop.

LEVEL II – ADVANCED TRAINING in Leadership, Organization, Mobilization

Level II Advanced Training is designed for individuals who have completed the Level I certification program and have acquired some co-training experiences. The Advanced Level II training is organized into a one-week seminar format program examining nonviolent leadership, organizational factors, and the elements of a movement for conducting a successful nonviolent campaign. Dr. LaFayette will personally facilitate this seminar on a daily basis. Certification is also awarded upon completion of the course. Participants receive the Leader’s Guide and supplementary study materials.


For more information contact:
Thupten Tendhar