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Academic Integrity

Recommended Exam Procedures

Online courses can and should use a wide variety of assessment methods designed to promote academic integrity. When designing an online course, faculty should carefully balance the potential difficulties and costs for students who are unable to come to campus at a specific time for testing against the advantages that a proctored exam may offer. Here at URI, we offer live and remote proctoring.

Live Proctoring Information

Remote Proctoring Information*

*Please note, remote proctoring must be set up through the URI Bookstore before the start of your course as students will need to purchase access tokens. The cost for access tokens is $17.00 per exam. It is highly recommended that you incorporate remote proctoring only once (e.g. final exam) throughout the semester to minimize student cost.

Scheduling Final Exams

If your online class requires students to complete a proctored final exam or an online final scheduled for a specified time period during exam week, you must use the process for scheduling exams during Common Exam periods. There is a slightly different process for courses based in Providence.


There are several excellent resources which discuss ways of promoting academic integrity in an online class.

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