Customizing Your Sakai Workspace for the New Semester

Are too many old courses cluttering your Workspace? Are the courses you’re currently teaching not visible among the site tabs at the top of your Workspace? Do you wish more or less site tabs were visible? You have control over all of this!

Click on My Workspace, then click on Preferences (on your left navigation bar).

You will then see a list of your courses in two boxes. The left side shows active sites and the right shows hidden sites (courses you do not need to view all the time, most likely from previous semesters). You can select courses and move them back and forth between active and hidden. You can choose how many active tab sites you’d like displayed in your workspace. And, lastly, using the up and down arrows, you can also select the order your courses will display.  Here’s what the Preferences page looks like:


So, go ahead, start off the semester with an organized workspace!