Extended Test Time for Students with Documented Disabilities

The semester isn’t even a month old and our office has already been inundated with questions about how to give students with documented disabilities extra times on online tests. If you’re using the Tests & Quizzes tool in Sakai, the following instructions are for you, but they assume you already know how to create an exam. If you’re unsure about that first step, we recommend visiting the Sakai Wiki’s documentation on the Tests & Quizzes tool.

So, first, go ahead and create the exam for all students, complete with the amount of allowed time, if you haven’t already.

Next, you’ll need to make a group just for the student(s) requesting extra time. You do that by going to Site Info -> Manage Groups -> choose the appropriate student(s).

Now, go back to the exam you created and create a duplicate of it, but change the time to be .5 more than the original. Give access only to the group you just made. (Be sure you do not send the scores to the Gradebook).

After the student who needs extra time finishes the exam, go to the original exam for the whole class, click Scores, and manually enter the score of that particular student into the ‘Adjust’ field and Save.

Note: the student who needs extended time will see two exams unless you make another ‘large’ group of all students minus the student who needs extended time and release the original exam to that ‘large’ group. If you don’t want to do that, then just make sure the student knows which exam is the one that allows for extended time. 

If you have other questions about students needing extra time, please visit the Office of Disability FAQ.