Academic, Finance, Personnel

Phased Retirement Program
During the most recent round of negotiations, the Board of Trustees and URI Chapter of the American Association of University Professors agreed to reinstate the phased retirement option for tenured faculty (see Memorandum of Agreement #13 in the collective bargaining agreement between the URI Board of Trustees and the University of Rhode Island Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, 2022-2025). This agreement will continue through June 30, 2025, which means that applications will be accepted each January through January 15, 2025 for two-year periods of phased retirement lasting though academic year 2026-27.

Strategic Budgeting and Planning Council
The University Budget and Planning Council shall provide a new, transparent and inclusive process for the planning, budgeting and assessment of university strategic directions, investments, and facilities. The Council shall be advisory to the President. It will ensure that the University’s strategic plan and mission guide resource allocations and investments.

Sabbatical Leave
The University is accepting and reviewing Sabbatical Leave applications for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Summer Recontracting
As part of an ongoing effort to streamline administrative procedures, the Office of the Provost introduced in FY 2010 a new summer compensation process for academic year faculty only.

Interdisciplinary Work: Guidelines and Practices
The following guidelines and practices are recommended for advancing interdisciplinary education at URI.

Academic Affairs Budgeting
Strategic planning for the annual Academic Affairs investment and budget allocation process.

Faculty and Unit Performance Data