Fall 2020 Final Exam Memo

TO: University Faculty

FROM: Dean D. Libutti, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

DATE: November 16, 2020

SUBJECT: Confirm Rosters, Final Exams, and Grading

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. It is hard to believe that the end of in-person classes is upon us as we prepare for the move to remote learning for any in-person classes after Thanksgiving and then final the exam period. Please review the following important dates, policies and information related to the end of term.

Confirm Rosters:  

Please confirm all students are enrolled and listed on your class roster.  If you have any students attending class but are not yet enrolled, please have them immediately complete a petition to late add. web.uri.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2054/Add_or_Drop_Appeal.pdf

As a reminder, if you have any students on your roster who never attended, The University Manual (8.33.13) allows faculty to drop students who miss the first two classes and have not notified the instructor of their intention to attend.  If you still have any students on your roster who never attended, you may submit their name, URI ID and course information to: esfacultydrop@etal.uri.edu

Final Exam Period: 

The Kingston and Nursing Education Center (NEC) final exam period is scheduled for December 16-19, 21-22. The Providence campus final exam period is scheduled for December 16-18, 21-22. The final exam schedule and policies are available at: web.uri.edu/enrollment/final-exam-schedules/. The final exam make-up day is Wednesday, December 23 for Kingston and for Providence.  Please note the make-up day is only to be used in case of inclement weather that leads to official cancellations. Fall ’20 blended and online courses are subject to these final exam dates and schedules.  Asynchronous online courses do not have a scheduled final exam timeslot and should use an asynchronous assessment if administering a final exam.  Please consult with the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (ATL) for support and resources regarding assessment strategies for your online courses.

University Manual Language on Examinations:

Please become familiar with the University Manual language on examinations:


8.51.16 Final examinations are not required by the university, but any final examination, with the exception of take-home examinations, must be administered according to the final examination schedule prepared by the Office of Enrollment Services. Any change must be approved by the Office of Enrollment Services. Faculty members cannot administer an examination during the last five days classes are in session in lieu of a final examination


Grade rosters for the Fall 2020 semester will be available, in eCampus, beginning December 14 (last day of classes).  Grades are due by Monday, December 28 by 12 Noon.  Please use the grade roster icon that is located next to each course under your eCampus faculty center.  A helpful guide to posting grades is available at: web.uri.edu/enrollment/how-to-submit-grades

If you have any grading questions or need assistance, please call Ken Sisson 874-4480 or Jack Humphrey 874-4479 in Enrollment Services.  Academic Calendar link: web.uri.edu/enrollment/academic-calendars/