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Students must complete a total of 120 credits for graduation. Bachelor of Arts students must also complete 42 credits of 300+ level courses (this can include Psychology courses and electives).

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General Education Requirements through 2015:

Gen Ed Category Credits for B.A. Credits for B.S.
Fine Arts 3 3
Literature 3 3
Letters (Courses must come from different course codes.) 6 6
Natural Sciences (Courses must come from different course codes. For the B.S. only, one course must be either BIO 101 or 105.) 6 6
Social Sciences (Courses must come from different course codes.) 6 6
Communication 3 3
Writing (For the B.S. only, majors must take either WRT 106 or 333.) 3 3
See more information about the language requirement.
0-6; based on background 0-6; based on background
Mathematics (For the B.S. only, majors must choose 2 courses among the following options: MTH 107 or STA 220 (not both), MTH 103, 111, 131, 132, 141, 142, OR 215) 3 6
Note: General Education credits cannot be satisfied by courses from major course code unless student has a double major.

General Education Requirements 2016-Present:

Degree Requirements:

Courses Credits Courses Credits
PSY 113: General Psychology 3 PSY 113: General Psychology 3
Choose two of:
PSY 232: Developmental Psychology
PSY 235: Theories of Personality
PSY 254: Behavior Problems and Personality Disorders
6 PSY 232: Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 200: Quantitative Methods, math and PSY 113 pre-requisite (4)
PSY 301 (Intro to Experimental Psych) (4)
8 PSY 200: Quantitative Methods, math pre-requisite (4)
PSY 301: Intro to Experimental Psych (4)
STA 412: Statistical Methods in Research, math pre-requisite (3)
PSY 434: Psychological Testing (3)
Topics Courses: Choose 3 (see options on curriculum sheet) 9 Topics Courses: Psy 381: Physiological Psychology, and 1 more class from focus area other than chosen specialization 6
Applied Courses: Choose 1 (see options on curriculum sheet) 3 Focus Area: Specialization with at least 3 courses from the selected focus area (see curriculum sheet for specific requirements) 9
Experiential: range of options (e.g., volunteer experience in local or state agency) PSY 305, 488, 489, 499; CSV 302; EDC 484; PSY 499; ITR 301/302.
see Experiential Learning Page and Curriculum Worksheet for more information.
3 Experiential: Research experience in PSY 489 in area pertinent to selected focus area (if possible) 3
Minimum 32 Minimum 38
Maximum 46 Maximum 53
Grade Requirements Grade Requirements
C or C average in Psychology courses. See curriculum worksheet for specific course grade requirements. 2.5 GPA in Psychology courses. See curriculum sheet for specific course grade requirements.

Potential substitutions for B.S. Majors (prior advisor approval and Curricular Modification Form required): STA 308 may be substituted for PSY 200; PSY 302 may be substituted for STA 412.

To verify the specific requirements for your degree, please refer to the curriculum sheet for the term that you first matriculated at URI.

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