Managing your data

Responsible research involves creation of a data management plan to meet funding agency requirements, conduct research efficiently, protect the investment in research and development, and ensure that the data is accurate, complete, authentic and reliable. Proper data management provides for the safety and integrity of research, safeguards against loss of data, and prevents duplication of effort through sharing.

The care and management of data is essential, required and equally important as the research itself. National Science Foundation dictates that investigators are “expected to share with other researchers, at no more than incremental cost and within a reasonable time, the primary data, samples, physical collections and other supporting materials created or gathered in the course of work under NSF grants. Grantees are expected to encourage and facilitate such sharing.” See Award & Administration Guide (AAG) Chapter VI.D.4.

Properly managed and preserved data creates efficiency, increases research impact, clearly documents and provides evidence for research conducted, complies with sharing mandates, meets copyright and ethical compliance policies, preserves data for long-term access, safeguards data from loss, and shares data for future discoveries and research.


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