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Rhode Island NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) coordinates and oversees activities in education, outreach, and diversity that integrate with cutting-edge research programs in climate change, marine life science, and art/design. Support for research and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels provides a variety of opportunities that include assistantships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students. Jim Lemire serves as undergraduate research coordinator for Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR and oversees the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program.

Graduate fellowships

Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR supports graduate students with the purpose of stimulating collaborative, nationally competitive research with potential for follow-on funding in laboratories of early career faculty.

Undergrad fellowships

Undergraduate students at all nine Rhode Island EPSCoR institutions gain valuable training, career exploration and professional development through the intensified, full-time, 10-week SURF program.

Achieving excellence

Students at RI EPSCoR partner institutions gain opportunities to conduct compelling research, access to the latest technology, contribute to science, and enhance their professional profiles.

The EPSCoR advantage

At all points in the educational journey, students who engage in Rhode Island EPSCoR research find their experience life-changing and themselves well prepared to take on new and exciting challenges.
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