Program Expectations

The mission of RI C-AIM is to catalyze innovative, interdisciplinary research and workforce development that will support sustainable economic growth in RI’s blue economy by enhancing human and physical infrastructure, supporting cutting-edge research, promoting diversity, and enabling research translation by partnering with industry and  community stakeholders. Without your engaged and continued support, achieving these goals is impossible.

Expectations for all participants

  • Commitment to professional development and RI C-AIM diversity initiatives
  • Promptly informing the Communications and Outreach Coordinator about outside press inquiries and publications
  • Participation in communication activities, such as interviews and media creation
  • Attendance at all Thrust meetings and RI C-AIM symposia
  • Regular Thrust updates coordinated through Thrust Leads
  • Compliance with “Responsible Conduct of Research” or RCR training
  • Acknowledging RI C-AIM and NSF EPSCoR support in publications and presentations

For Research Thrust, Inter-thrust, and Institution Leads

  • Serve as management lead and key point of contact between Leadership Team and applicable thrust, inter-thrust and/or institution members. Articulate research and overall program objectives to new participants, institution administrators, stakeholders and the general public. Work with the PI/PD, PA, Communications Coordinator, and colleagues on reporting, press releases, budget and other research administration matters associated with the Cooperative Agreement. Represent applicable team/institution for evaluation purposes, Program Officer visitations, etc. as needed.
  • Act as critical nexus for information and communication relay. Keep faculty up-to-date by sharing Leadership and other applicable meeting minutes. Facilitate knowledge and experience-sharing through clear, multi-directional communication pathways and the use of established and newly created, collaborative networked connections. Contribute to overall strength of the program through development of networks that support the overall research and program objectives, and promote inclusive, diverse, and sustainable partnerships.
  • Advise and support thrust, inter-thrust, institution, students and/or the overall program through proactive situational leadership and mentorship.

For faculty, postdocs, and graduate students

  • Active participation in SURF program as mentor and SURF conference attendee
  • Co-advising of undergraduate and, when applicable, postdocs and graduate students
  • Assistance with student and faculty recruiting
  • Full participation in the annual report process, external evaluations and surveys associated with the program, site visits, program officer visits, all-hands meetings, and annual symposia, as requested

For undergraduate students

  • Active participation in SURF program and SURF conference
  • Participation in the annual report process, as requested
  • Participation in surveys related to external evaluation, as requested
  • Participation in meetings, video conferences and phone calls with RI C-AIM students and faculty working at other institutions to support the collaborative research process