Why Neglecting Cybersecurity Can Destroy Your Small Business and 7 Steps to Get Started


Cybersecurity is a hot topic, and it’s one you shouldn’t put off acting on any longer. Many small business owners tend to put it on the back burner, but if there is an incident, your business, your reputation, private financial data for your company and your customers, and potentially your entire infrastructure can be destroyed in an instant.

Here is Why Neglecting Cybersecurity Can Destroy Your Small Business and 7 Steps to Get Started.


Five Business Planning Tools Available Through an RISBDC Partnership

As part of our mission to support and partner with entrepreneurs, we hold licenses and have access to a number of helpful small business tools that we offer to our clients. Here’s a preview of five great tools integral to planning a new business, conducting marketing research before launch, and forming a business plan. Our clients can access these valuable tools – and so much more – through partnership with our expert business counselors. We invite you to register for one of our upcoming workshops or contact a business counselor so that you can get to know us better, and begin using these tools to propel your pre-venture or existing small business to the next step.

Here is Five Business Planning Tools Available Through an RISBDC Partnership.

Preparing to Meet with a Retail Buyer

Your business is launched, your product is ready! Don’t let lack of preparation stop you from getting it on the shelf. Here are a few steps to make sure you’re ready to sell your wholesale product when you walk in the door to meet with a retail buyer.

Here is how to prepare to meet with a retail buyer.

Nine Ways to Refresh and Organize
Your Small Business in the New Year

When the calendar flips ahead to January, there’s no better time to set aside a day or two in your small business to take stock, update, and prepare to make the coming year even more streamlined and successful than the last. Consider it an opportunity to both build excitement and buckle up for a year of adventures in the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurialism.
Make a date in your calendar to refresh and organize your small business in these nine ways.


The Right Foot Startup Workshop:
What’s Covered and Why Should I Come?

“How do I start my business plan?”
“Should I be an LLC?”
“What does the state of Rhode Island require to do business?”
“Is my idea even worth trying?”

In the RISBDC’s goal of helping small businesses, we’re available to begin with just a seed — and there are no silly questions. If you’ve got an idea for a small business but aren’t sure exactly when, where, and how to start, sign up for our free startup workshop, The Right Foot.

Here is The Right Foot Startup Workshop: What’s Covered and Why Should I Come?

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting
with an RISBDC Business Counselor

At the heart of the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center is our one-to-one, confidential business counseling. From pre-launch, to problem solving, to expansion, we have four expert, full-time counselors and five part-time specialists around the state available to meet with you and help your business grow and thrive.

Here are tips for meeting with an RISBDC business counselor.

Eight Graphic Design Tips
For Your Small Business Logo

Business idea? Check. Business plan? Check. Business license? Check. Business…logo? Yes, you’re going to need one of those too, before you launch. While it may feel like a small detail in the big list of tasks to complete as a small business owner, your logo will be an instantly recognizable icon and ambassador of your brand and is worth investing time, energy, and dollars into getting right.

Here are tips for creating your small business logo.

10 Things to Do Before
Creating Your Business Website

In this digital age, creating a web presence for your small business is a given. Before you start, here are 10 critical steps to build a website that will hit the ground running and immediately begin converting visitors into clients and customers.

Here are tips for creating your business website.

How SBDCs Meet the Needs of
Millennial Entrepreneurs

If you’re a Millennial who’s ever thought about starting your own business, you’re in good company.

Here are tips for Millennial Entrepreneurs.

Is Your Personal Credit Stopping Your Business Dreams?
9 Steps Towards Launch

Have you been dreaming of starting a small business? Before you start a business plan, it’s time to check closer to home: how are your personal finances?

Here are tips for improving your personal credit score.

Social Media Marketing:
Which Platform is Right for your Small Business?

For small businesses, social media marketing offers opportunities unheard of merely a decade ago. Where previous marketing efforts involved one-way communication of your brand’s message to a broad audience, social media marketing leverages the power of sharing and “virality” to interact with current and future customers, to reach target customers far beyond your sphere of influence.

Here are tips for social media marketing.

Go Global:
How to Expand into International Business

Are you ready to go global? If you’re the owner of an established small business that is generally successful and profitable, you may have heard that expanding into international business markets is an easy way to grow.

Here are tips on how to go global.

Top 10 Growth Tips for
Small Business

On March 22, 2017, we celebrated SBDC Day — a day to proclaim the successes of the more than 1,000 SBDCs across the country that fuel small business growth. In honor of the economic development and good jobs small businesses create, we are sharing our top 10 growth tips for small businesses.

Here are the top ten growth tips for a small business.

Seven Tips for Developing a
Small Business Intern Program

Spring is just around the bend. If thoughts of summer interns are dancing in your head, you’re not alone. A good intern program can increase your company’s visibility in the field, position you for positive PR, build mentoring skills in your employees, and promote work in your field, among many other things. Now is the time to build your intern program so that you’re ready to attract top candidates to join your team.

Here are seven tips for developing a killer small business intern program.

Finding the Right
Small Business Employees

Hiring employees for your small business can be an exciting, but overwhelming, endeavor. It signifies your business is growing, but it’s no time to rest. Connecting with the right employees, and putting your best foot forward as an employer, take times and care.

Here are eight tips for the hiring process.

11 Elements of a
Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

With crowdfunding on the rise, what used to be a novel way to raise money is now a normal, often necessary, part of starting a business. In 2015, crowdfunding supplied more than $34 million to businesses, according to a Massolution Crowdfunding Industry 2015 report. The reality is that, when comparing the amount of capital raised, crowdfunding is poised to overtake venture capital.

Here are 11 elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

7 Common Business
Plan Mistakes

Though every small business is unique, many successful ones start with a common foundation: a business plan. Researching and writing a business plan is an important step in laying out the road map your business will travel, and an indispensable step in securing funding for startup costs or growth. Save time and energy by avoiding these common business plan mistakes.

Here are the seven common business plan mistakes.

8 Steps to Landing a
Small Business Loan

Whether you’re applying for your first small business loan, or your 10th, you’ve got to bring proof of your “bankability.” Convincing a bank you’re worth the risk, and dependable enough to pay them back, is a combination of cold, hard, numbers, and “soft stuff,” like your character, level of organization, and how you present yourself. Putting it all together can be daunting, but these tips — in conjunction with working closely with our expert business counselors — will reduce your stress and add certainty to the process.

Here are eight steps to landing the small business loan of your dreams.

11 Reasons to Start a
Food Business in RI

Starting a food business (or any small business) is a challenging endeavor, and never without risk. But there’s never been a better time to start a food business in Rhode Island. With great food, great culture, and industry-specific support and resources, the Ocean State is committed to — and primed for — innovation and expansion in the food industry.

Here are 11 reasons why you should start a food business in RI now.

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