Monthly Tip: March

Spring cleaning sweeps in

Lions, lambs, college basketball, and spring cleaning are what come to many people’s minds when they think of the month of March. And since we don’t have much to say about weather forecasts or tournament predictions, we thought we’d share some of our stormwater-friendly spring cleaning tips instead.

If you plan on doing any cleaning outdoors, please remember to use a broom rather than the hose to remove any leaf litter or debris from your driveway or nearby sidewalks. When you use a hose, that water simply flows to the nearest storm drain or directly to the nearest water body, carrying with it all the dirt you were trying to get rid of!

If you plan on cleaning out old cans of paint or household cleansers such as oven cleaner or paint thinner, please don’t pour them out! Call the Eco-Depot at 942-1430 ext. 241 to make an appointment to dispose of them. When poured on the ground, those toxic chemicals are carried by stormwater directly to our local water resources. And who wants to swim or fish with paint?