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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan: Understanding Nonpoint Pollution (Grades 4-6; 1-2 Class Periods)
Teacher Resource Handout
Worksheet for Students

Lesson Plan: Understanding Stormwater (Grades 4-6; 1 Class Period)
Teacher Resource Handout
Worksheet for Students

Lesson Plan: The Importance of Land Cover (Grades 9-12; 1-2 Class Periods)

Lesson Plan: Rain Gardens Slow Stormwater Flow (Grades 9-12; 1-2 Class Periods)

Rain Garden Service Project

Classroom Activities And Games

Creating a Stormwater Poster:

The Stormwater Game (Versions for Grades K-3 and 4-8)- Instructions
Creating the Pieces

Festival Game Ideas: Water Day Celebration Games

Water Cycle Wristband

Audubon Games (Grades 5-8)
Please contact Eugenia Marks (EMarks@asri.org) at the Audubon Society for more information about the games Journey Through the Watershed and Bay Animals Like It Clean and Salty.


ACTIVE Watershed Curriculum:
Effects of Land Use On The Watershed (Grades 4 -8 but adaptable for all grades)
Introduction to Water Quality (Grades 4-8 but adaptable for all grades)
Testing Out An Aquifer

Project WET – Water Education for Teachers

Background Information

What Is The Water Cycle; Where Does Water Go; RI Watersheds

Hydrology 101

Additional Educational Stormwater Resources


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