Jennifer Daniels

danielsI’m Jennifer Daniels, a graduate of the physics program at URI. I will be continuing my graduate studies at URI in biophysics with a focus in medical physics. I was interested in physics because I love learning the fundamentals of how/why the universe behaves as it does.

I first learned about medical physics in my junior year. I found it intriguing because I could pursue medicine in a way I never thought was possible. I look forward to helping other people through research, clinical work, and/or teaching, while I pursue my physics degree.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the physics department at URI. I am grateful that the department is small because it gave me the chance to get to know my fellow students and professors. The best part of the program was how dedicated the professors are to physics-they all have a great enthusiasm for the subject and over the years they taught and inspired me to become a better student.