Transfer Agreements

  • photo_overviewThe purpose of the transfer agreements are to provide students, faculty and advisors with the information needed to transfer efficiently among the three RI state institutions: University of Rhode Island (URI), Rhode Island College (RIC), and the University of Rhode Island (CCRI).

    It is important that students wishing to transfer consult with transfer counselors at the institution from which they are transferring and at the college or university they want to attend. Please be aware that while credits may transfer, the grades do not transfer.


    Course Transfer Agreements vs. Program Transfer Plans

    Course Transfer Agreements are a listing of courses that will transfer to CCRI, RIC and URI. Each course indicates how the course transfers: as a course equivalency, free elective credit, or meets a general education requirement. Courses are equivalent regardless of the direction of transfer unless otherwise marked.

    Program Transfer Plans are plans that map out the CCRI courses to take to fulfill an associate degree requirement that would transition into a Bachelor degree program at RIC or URI. They also show students how the course transfers as either an equivalent course, a general education requirement, or free elective credit, depending on the individual program of study.

    The Joint Admission Agreement is a policy which provides a student with an efficient plan of study to be able to most efficiently transfer to URI or RIC from CCRI.

    The Interinstitutional Student Exchange Program is a RIBGHE policy that allows students to take 7 credits per semester of their fulltime courseload at one of the state colleges without paying any additional tutition.

    Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education (RIBGHE) Transfer Guide

    Search or Browse the 2009 – 2010 Transfer Agreements by using the menu on the left, or go to theRIBGHE 09 – 10 Transfer Guide.

    Each year URI, CCRI and RIC negotiate new course and program transfer agreements. For this reason, agreements made from previous years can change. If you have taken a course in one of the previous academic years represented below, please view that specific transfer guide.

    Links to previous academic year transfer guides:

  • photo_overviewThe Joint Admission Agreement (JAA) Transition Plans are sets of specific courses that will transition directly into a program major at the University of Rhode Island, or Rhode Island College. Each JAA set of courses leads to a general studies degree at CCRI. The individual JAA course requirements differ slightly depending on the desired program major that will be entered into at URI or RIC. These programs provide a seamless transition for students whose goal is a bachelor’s degree . For more information, visit the JAA Student Guide or apply with the JAA Intent to Enroll Form.