Transferring from CCRI to URI

Program Transfer Plans

Academic departments have developed transfer plans to help you choose courses that will meet degree requirements for selected programs. Please note that these transfer plans are subject to change, so these guides should not replace regular meetings with your academic advisor. Students should also consult the transfer institution’s current catalog for current degree requirements.

The Program Transfer Plans show students how the courses in specific associate degree programs at CCRI transfer URI as either the equivalent course, the general education requirement, or free elective credit; these courses may or may not apply toward the bachelor’s degree requirements. Students who plan to continue for a bachelor’s degree should meet with an advisor to discuss which courses will help meet the associate degree requirements and can be applied to the bachelor’s degree.


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For additional information and advising assistance, please contact URI’s Transfer Resource Center advisors at or 401.874.4972.
*Music applicants must audition. Please contact the Department of Music at 401.874.2431 for requirements or questions.

How Courses Transfer

Courses can transfer between schools in a variety of ways.
Equivalent: Evaluated with a specific title and number, and transfers as an identical course.
Department Elective: Evaluated as an elective in a specific subject area.
Free Elective: Fulfills credit hours needed for graduation but does not meet department or general education requirements.
General Education: Fulfills one of the institution’s general education requirements.
Course-to-course equivalencies

Research courses

URI General Education

General Education (or Gen Ed) courses are intended to broaden your knowledge beyond what you are studying in your chosen major, and serve as the core of your educational experience at URI.

Policies and Forms

Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy: RI public institutions

The RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy enables CCRI, RIC and URI students to take courses at one of the other public institutions of higher education without payment of additional tuition:

Full-time students matriculated at URI, RIC, or CCRI may enroll for a maximum of seven credit hours of their full-time schedule per semester at one of the other public institutions at no additional expense for tuition. Students will be subject to the course selection process applicable at the receiving institution.

Check with the Records or Enrollment Services offices of the college or university where you are matriculated for the required forms and the procedures to follow.

Interinstitutional Student Exchange Policy RIC Interinstitutional Study Application URI InterInstitutional Study Application

Contact Information

Community College of Rhode Island

Office of Enrollment Services – Admission, transfer credit evaluation, articulation agreements and course registration questions

1762 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI 02865

Advising and Counseling at CCRI
Currently enrolled CCRI students may also contact the Office of Advising & Counseling at any of the CCRI campuses for assistance in planning their course schedule or to discuss their transfer plans.

University of Rhode Island

Transfer Admission – Admission questions

Newman Hall
14 Upper College Road
Kingston, RI 02881
Admission Information Transfer Admission Information

Transfer Resource Center – Transfer
Credit and Referral Questions
112 Roosevelt Hall
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