calendar-128Google Calendar provides an easy means of scheduling appointments, sharing and publishing calendars, and keeping your schedule at your fingertips – from your desk, your mobile device, or anywhere you have Internet access.

  • Thunderbird Lightning with Google Calendar.

    • Log in to your Google account and go to Calendar.
    • From the Other calendars pull-down menu, choose Add by URL.
    • Paste the following URL into the box:
    • Click on the Add Calendar box.

    Once the calendar shows, you can change the display color and toggle it on or off.

    To view the maintenance calendar as a Web page, paste the following into the Web address area of your Web browser:

    Add it to your Bookmarks bar for quick reference.

  • If you are the owner of a URI resource such as a lab, equipment, or conference room that can be reserved for use by members of your department, organization, or the campus community, you can use the G-Suite Resource Calendar to show its availability, manage it, and grant various levels of sharing permissions to others.  You can allow any of the following levels of access:

    • Make changes and manage sharing
      This is the highest level of access.
    • Make changes to events
      Add and edit events and see details for all events, including private ones.
    • See all event details
      Schedule the resource and see details for all events except those marked private.
    • See free/busy information (no details)
      See the availability of your resource but not the names or other details of your events. This is the lowest access level.

    To have a G-Suite Resource Calendar created for your reservable item, complete and submit the Resource Calendar Request.

    Adding a Resource Calendar to Your Calendars

    Log into your Google account and select Calendar. The Resource Calendar will show as an Other calendar. If it does not show:

    • Click the Other pull-down menu and choose Browse Interesting Calendars.
    • Choose the More tab at the top.
    • Choose Resources for; expand if necessary, until you find the resource calendar you wish to add.
    • Click Subscribe.

    Scheduling a Resource

    Log into your Google account and select Calendar.

    • Click the Create button in the upper left to create a calendar event.
    • Enter the event title.
    • Choose the time of the event.
    • On the right, click Rooms, etc. to see and choose an available resource; selecting a resource automatically populates the Where field.
    • Click Guests to add attendees via email address.
    • Make any other additions/changes to the event.
    • Click Save.
    • You will be asked to send invitations; respond Send.

    You will see the event on the calendar on which you created it as well as on the Resource calendar. If you try to book a time that is already scheduled, the Resource will respond with a declined email.

    Creating a Link to a Resource Calendar

    To add a link to your calendar on a Web page, you can either embed the calendar into a document or put in a link to the calendar. In your Calendar view, go to your resource calendar, choose the down arrow next to it, and click Calendar settings. You will see the code for embedding the calendar or a calendar address in multiple formats, including HTML.