Global Water Resources Minor

“Water” is one of the defining 21st century issues and there are many careers opening up for students with skills in water resources management and protection. The interdisciplinary minor in Global Water Resources focuses on the study of the physico-chemical, social, political, and economic factors of water resources from a global perspective. Opportunities exist for undergraduate students to explore ecosystem interactions of water, remediation strategies of polluted water, policy and economics of water, and to better understand the linkages between water, landscape and climate.
Undergraduate students who declare a minor in Global Water Resources complete a minimum of 18 credit hours, including two required core courses and one course from a list of three elective supporting core courses. The remaining credits must be taken from a list of approved elective courses. Students accepted into the minor may have prerequisites waived in consultation with the instructor.
Admission to this minor requires that a student from any URI program has a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better after one semester at URI (or as a transfer student with same GPA). Students will need to complete the Global Water Resources minor form and have it approved by the Global Water Resources minor coordinators, Dr. Pradhanang ( or Dr. Guilfoos ( Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisite requirements for individual courses, as applicable.
Required Core Courses (values in parenthesis indicate number of credit hours)
GEO/NRS/EEC 234 Introduction to Water Resources (3)
EEC 430 Water Resource Economics (3)
Elective Core Courses (select one)
NRS 461 Watershed Hydrology and Management (4)
GEO 482/582 Innovative Subsurface Remediation Technologies (4)
GEO 484/484 Environmental Hydrogeology (3+1)
Elective Supporting Courses
GEG 101 World Geography (3) S
GCH 103 Grand Challenges in the Natural Sciences (Boving, 4, F)
NRS 100 Natural Resource Conservation (3)
NRS 300 Introduction to Global Issues in Sustainable Development (3)
NRS 496 Seminar in International Development (Abedon, 3 cr., Spring)
GEO/OCG 110 The Ocean Planet (3)
GEO 491 J-Term Indonesia (Boving, 3)
GEO 562 Aqueous Geochemistry (Cardace, 4, Spring)
GEO 483 Hydrogeology (Veeger, 3+1; Fall)
CVE 471 Water and Water Treatment Systems (3)
CVE 475 Water in the Environment (3)
OCG 200 Extreme Weather (Heikes & Donohue; 3 cr, Spring)
OCG 480 Introduction To Marine Pol­lution (3)
CPL/LAR 434 Introduction to Environmental Law LEC (3 crs.; Gordon)
CPL 485 Environmental Planning (3 crs., Gordon)
EEC 310 Economics for Natural Resource Management and Policy (3)
EEC 440 Benefit-Cost Analysis (3)
PSC 422 International Political Economy (4)