COVID-19 Updates

Due to the ongoing (never ending?) Covid 19 pandemic we’ll be operating under our “contact-less” plan once again for at least the start of our 2022 monitoring season. We expect to have our first water collections beginning in May for most sites (see our Schedules page for more 2022 details soon). We will focus on getting equipment and supplies out to returning volunteers in late April. Groups with local coordinators will contacted to make arrangements for getting supplies to be distributed locally when possible. Then we will set up equipment for individual volunteers, scheduling pick-up outside of our building on our cart. Please contact Elizabeth if you’d like to make arrangements to come get your supplies.

We will work with new volunteers to get them trained once we’ve gotten supplies out to our returning volunteers completed. Then we can get supplies to you so you can follow along field training videos or WebEx online trainings. 

We appreciate continued patience and understanding during these uncertain times. We will keep our website updated as new information becomes available and send out emails to those for whom we have addresses.