Publishing Official Web Pages

Official Web Pages

Official Web pages provide information relating to an office, department, or other official unit of the University and/or its services or functions. Research, instruction and student organization Web pages, although not technically “official Web pages” of the University, should be consistent with the academic mission or the mission of student government and student life of the University.

Web pages developed by students, faculty, and staff that contain non-official information about the authors, including their backgrounds, interests, and/or opinions are considered personal Web pages. A personal Web page is NOT an official University of Rhode Island Web page.

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments or individual faculty, staff and student organizations are responsible for creating and maintaining their own information, responding to inquiries about the information, and updating that information as necessary. It is recommended that each department or unit assign one person as its departmental Web coordinator to coordinate that department’s electronic publishing effort.

Faculty members are encouraged to develop professional pages on the URI Web server and link them through departmental Web sites.

Student organizations, with proper authorization, can publish Web pages that can be linked from URI’s registered student organizations home page.

If your department has not migrated to the WordPress system and you don’t have a WordPress account yet, please proceed to request a WordPress site now!

Information about the URI WordPress project is available on the WordPress Users Forum at:

Information about ITS web hosting (for department-specific web applications):

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