FTP Using WS-FTP for PC

The Basics

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, a method of transferring files. Using an FTP client, you can copy files from a remote server to your local disk, or from your local disk to the server. FTP client software such as WS-FTP (for Windows) or Fetch (for Macs) are shareware programs that are included in the URI FTP Software Archive. The instructions below pertain to ftp using WS_FTP95. Since FTP clients work somewhat differently, if you use a different version of FTP software, you will need to rely on the software documentation or contact theURI Help Desk for assistance.

Pro-FTP Interface

Departmental units at the University of Rhode Island may use the Pro-FTP interface to publish and maintain their Web pages on URI’s central Web server. Using an FTP client, the Pro-FTP interface allows departmental units to connect directly to the Web server and create, delete and rename files and directories on the Web server.

To Connect to URI Web server:

Before you can upload, download or change the contents of your www directories, you must establish a connection to URI Web server.Establish Connection to URI Web Server

  1. Open WS_FTP32
  2. Click Connect. The Session Profile window will appear.
  3. In the Profile Name: type WWW (or any other name you assign)
  4. In the Host Name/Address field, type www.uri.edu.
  5. Leave Host Type: Automatic detect
  6. In the User ID field, type your Web account login id.
  7. In the Password field, type your password.
  8. Leave the Account and Comment field blank.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The Session Profile window will open, revealing your department’s existing wwwdirectories and files. If this is the first time your departmental units upload files, your directory will be empty.
  11. Your next computer session will use your personal session profile as default.

To Transfer Files between Your PC and the Web server

Transferring Files

  1. Open a WS-FTP session using your personal profile if you do not already have one open.
  2. Select the local files you want to upload from the left side of the WS-FTP screen.
    • ASCII – for text and html files
    • Binary – for images, programs, and formatted files (for Word, Excel, etc.)
    • Auto – system chooses for you
    • Choose Auto if you are not sure what to do.
  3. The right side of the WS-FTP screen shows your department’s home directory on the Web server.
    • Click on the right arrow in the WS-FTP box to copy the file from your computer to the Web server.
    • Click on the left arrow in the WS-FTP box to copy the file from the Web server to your computer.
  4. You may createdelete, and rename files and directories from the right side of the WS-FTP screen.
  5. Exit the FTP window.


If you have any questions, please email webmaster@uri.edu.

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